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Graphic Design June 16, 2014 Museum of Mathematics NYC, NY, USA

Please note that this job has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for jobs.

The National Museum of Mathematics seeks a talented graphic designer to continue its existing graphics program and to develop new assets to support the changing needs of this dynamic institution.

The National Museum of Mathematics opened to the public in New York City in December of 2012 as the only permanent museum in the country dedicated solely to mathematics. The Museum is dedicated to redefining the American public’s relationship with mathematics. Museum graphics help promote awareness of the institution and its programs.

Information about the Museum can be found on its website:

The graphic designer will:
– Develop and produce the Museum’s promotional and marketing materials.
– Support and expand the existing Museum environmental graphics as needed.
– Design and produce graphics for new programs and exhibits.
– Provide fixed graphic assets for motion graphics used in the Museum’s electronic interactives and web pages, and assist in their incorporation.
– Coordinate sharing of graphic assets with external partners, as well as producing and distributing collateral materials.

Required experience and skills
– Comfort and experience with all phases of design work, from concept exploration and development to graphic production.
– Experience working with graphics vendors and printers.
– Proficiency with all of the graphics programs in the Adobe Creative Suite. (Note that the Museum uses Apple computers exclusively.)
– Understanding of web design and development.
– Familiarity with digital video: After Effects, Flash, Final Cut.
– Excellent written communication skills.
– Good time management skills; self-motivation; ability to handle multiple project deadlines.
– Strong interest in brand identity and how it carries over to a variety of media.
– Strong interest in and good intuition about mathematics; willingness to explore unfamiliar topics.

Desirable but not essential experience and skills:
– Experience in environmental graphics.
– A background in mathematics.
– Digital photography/video experience.

Application Requirements:
– cover letter
– resumé
– brief (less than 250 words), newly-written essay on an experience that shaped applicant’s view of mathematics.
– samples of graphic design work, including graphics designed both for print and the web if possible.
– link to animations or video work if applicable.

Please send materials to the National Museum of Mathematics . In order to conserve server space, we ask that candidates keep the size of files reasonably small, either by providing a link to their full portfolio or by providing samples only of their most relevant work.