Dorte Mandrup: Irreplaceable Landscapes




Exhibitions Copenhagen, Denmark March 22, 2019 - May 26, 2019

This spring, architect Dorte Mandrup and the Danish Architecture Center (DAC) will transform DAC’s biggest gallery into a dreamy, sensual, and tangible landscape. The exhibition Irreplaceable Landscapes opens on March 22 and explores four of Mandrup’s works, all of which convey the central stories and fragile landscapes of the Wadden Sea and Greenland.

The ice is melting in Greenland, and the water level is rising in the Wadden Sea. These fragile landscapes are threatened by climate change and building in these conditions is not easy. How does the landscapes shape the architecture? The exhibition will feature Mandrup’s trilogy of Wadden Sea centres across Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, as well as the Illulissat Icefjord Center in Greenland. Entering the exhibition, the audience will walk into large installations and experience the fragile nature and architecture of these particular places on their own body.

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