A Timeline of Mike & Maaike’s Innovative Product Designs

A Timeline of Mike & Maaike’s Innovative Product Designs

Mike Simonian and Maaike Evers, the team behind San Francisco studio Mike & Maaike, have a portfolio that merges the tech and industrial design worlds. Here is a timeline of their many innovative products, from the first Android phone to early driverless cars to office systems designed for digital workers.


2000: Flowboard, a 14-wheel skateboard co-designed with Pieter Schouten, was Mike Simonian’s first commercial success as an entrepreneur.


2005: Mike Simonian designed the XBox 360 with the team at Astro Studios in San Francisco. More than 40 million units have been sold since 2010.


2007: A soft computer stand for tabletop and lap use was one of many accessories the studio worked on with consumer electronics giant Belkin.


2008: The world’s first Android, Android Smartphone 1, was originally developed and distributed to Google employees as a test-bed device.


2009: One of the first concepts to emerge from Silicon Valley for driverless cars was Mike & Maaike’s ATNMBL, a name that blends autonomy with automobile.


2010: Working with Rollout of Vancouver, the studio developed a series of custom wallpapers using familiar wayfinding patterns such as arrows and male/female washroom icons.


2010: Swarm looks like a giant coat rack. It’s actually a room divider that shows best when grouped in twos and threes. Designed for the San Francisco furniture company Council.


2012: The Q Media Streamer, Google’s first internet-of-things suite of products for the home, is a simplified hub that can stream media and control lighting systems.


2012: Tonic is a streamlined modular office system created in response to the desire of digital-era workers for more collaboration. It is manufactured by Watson.


2013: Part of the Windowseat family for Haworth, this popular office chair was inspired by architectural elements.


2016: Google’s first wearable V.R. device, the Daydream View is powered by an Android phone that slips into the headset. The intuitive remote houses a variety of sensors that can understand movement.


2017 Rerelease: One of Mike & Maaike’s most artful pieces is Juxtaposed, a bookshelf that contains seven central religious volumes, including the Qur’an and the Bible, and raises each to the same level, physically and symbolically.

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