10 Of-The-Moment Analog Clocks

10 Of-The-Moment Analog Clocks

The analog is making a comeback amidst our fast-paced lives. Here are 10 options – by Nendo, Jasper Morrison, National Design Collective and more – that put their best face forward.

1 Coincidence by Lee Lab Studio
A Brooklyn family, whose members all teach or study at Columbia University’s architecture school, formed Lee Lab Studio where they have designed dozens of wood or concrete clocks.  $235 

2 Felt Two by Leff Amsterdam
For his second Leff Amsterdam clock, Sebastian Herkner made a mantel piece using recycled PET felt and bamboo. Available in white, grey or black.  $200

3 AC 01 by Punkt
Jasper Morrison’s Braun-like version of an aluminum alarm clock was created for Punkt, where the British designer acts as art director. Available in red, black, white or silver.  $185

4 Hard Times by Ivanka Studio
The name of Ivanka Studio’s weighty clock refers to its main material composition: fibre reinforced concrete. In matte shades of black, navy, taupe or cement.  $55

5 World Clock, available through Leibal
Designed by 11+ of Korea, this clock can display 24 time zones simply by being rolled left or right. It then settles back to local time when still. In orange, blue or grey.  $50

6 Cairo Star Cut by National Design Collective
This faceted concrete piece from National Design Collective of Toronto is only 10-millimetres thick, making it deceivingly light. A neon Plexiglas backing lends an illumination effect.  $150

7 Cage by Umbra
Does Alan Wisniewski’s wooden wall piece for Umbra look familiar? Probably. It was inspired by the caged clocks that were once a common feature in gymnasiums.  $70

8 Norm Felt Panel by Menu
Norm Architects’ latest wall clock for the Danish company Menu is made from synthetic grey felt with hands in wood and aluminum.  $90

9 Fusion by BoConcept
As with all of Oki Sato’s designs, this piece follows his three-point mantra: natural, simple, functional. Created for BoConcept, Fusion playfully replaces hands with scissors.  $130

10 Perspective by Studio Ve
Thanks to Kickstarter, Shay Carmon and Ben Klinger of Studio Ve have launched a series of five monotone clocks that create abstract patterns as time moves on.  $80

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