10 Emerging Designers at IDS 2014

10 Emerging Designers at IDS 2014

At Studio North and elsewhere throughout the show, young local talents shine. Here are 10 fresh studios producing smart, sophisticated and delightful work.

By David Dick-Agnew and Tory Healy

1 Rocking chair by Reed Hansuld

Hansuld, a Toronto-born designer who has a studio in the city as well as in Brooklyn, debuted this walnut and steel rocking chair made using coopering processes, laminating and bending. The wood seat and back are bolted directly onto the steel frame. It’s a one off piece, but the bar-height stools are gorgeous, too.

2 Friends collection by Atelier Non-Useless

This cheekily named Montreal collective works a rounded motif into its friendly line of lighting and stools in moulded laminated maple, making the pieces look delightfully cartoonlike.

3 Focal Point by Designlump

Chifen Cheng’s Montreal studio came up with this sweet lamp – featuring a cubic porcelain shade and a copper base – to provide different kinds of illumination while also adding a wow factor to a room. It comes with a 15-foot-long mint-green cord and a 10-watt LED in soft white.

4 Sticks & Steel light fixtures by Hollis+Morris

This Toronto studio is actually at work on software that will allow their clients to customize the arrangements of their Sticks & Steel fixtures, made with powder-coated steel brackets, solid wood sticks and frosted acrylic glass diffusers.

5 Barrage by Les Archivistes

The archivists in Montreal’s Les Archivistes are Caroline Cyr and Simon Devost, who plumb Quebec’s history for this piece, called Barrage in French and Dam in English. The bronze cylinder seems chewed by beavers, and its bag is crafted from beaver fur and a recycled lumberjack shirt.

6 Crease Patterns Collection by Totem Rug Design

Tapestries take the spotlight in the Totem Rug Design stand, debuting the collaboration of Yvan Semenowycz and Robyn Waffle. Their collection was inspired by origami, with crests featuring faceted Canadian wildlife the Blue Heron Rug (at right), a depiction of a complex origami creation unfolded back into a square.

7 Boat Blanket by Object \ Interface

Ryan Taylor’s Babylon pendant (above right) won our hearts last year. This time around, Taylor returns with the Boat Blanket – a picnic must-have, with a water-resistant underside and fuzzy upper surface.

8 To The Lighthouse Shelves by Loïc Bard

Montreal’s Loïc Bard is presenting a handful of unique hand-crafted wood items, including the wall-mounted To The Lighthouse shelves and Capside pendants, with panels slightly parted to offer a glimpse of colour. On the shelves, Bard displays tiny models of his Tokyo table collection.

9 Slash and Burn pendants by Fieldhouse, Ford + Reed

The Slash + Burn pendants, from Toronto’s Fieldhouse, Ford + Reed, are turned from locally sourced ash, darkened using a burning technique that scorches the wood a unique shade of black.

10 Facet Clocks by the National Design Collective

The stand of Heather Lam and Scott Bodaly, based out of Toronto, contains a handful of treasures, including the portable bee hive at bottom left, but what really caught our eye were the Facet Clocks, based on traditional diamond-cutting patterns, in concrete or wood.


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