2017 AZ Awards of Merit: Interior Products

2017 AZ Awards of Merit: Interior Products

A bold collection of bathroom hardware and a dynamic series of patterned textiles are 2017 AZ Awards finalists in the category of Interior Products.


Project: Dot Line

Designer: García Cumini, Italy

Manufacturer: Agape, Italy

García Cumini’s Dot Line collection for Agape makes for a straight-forward visual: a range of bathroom hardware – from hooks to towel bars to shelves – fashioned from wood-sheathed aluminum tubing in a variety of finishes. The longest of these bars, designed to run the length of a bathroom wall, incorporates a range of accessories, including Cristalplant soap trays and toothbrush holders, and aluminum S-hooks for hand towels.

The black-finished capped brackets punctuate the continuity of the horizontal rails they support, evoking notes on a musical staff or strings of Morse code. Whatever they’re saying, they make a bold statement.



Project: Wolf-Gordon + Mae Engelgeer

Designer: Mae Engelgeer with Morgan Bajardi, Michael Loughlin and Marybeth Shaw 

Manufacturer: Wolf-Gordon, U.S.

Textiles are Amsterdam-based designer Mae Engelgeer’s first love. With this patterned collection for Wolf-Gordon, Engelgeer shows off her unusual flair for balanced geometric compositions, drawing inspiration from the pure abstraction and reductionist approach to colour characteristic of the century-old De Stijl movement.

The weaves in the Wolf-Gordon + Mae Engelgeer collection range from the subtly textured nubs of polyester Mesh, to the sophisticated pin-stripes of cotton-blend Melody, to the rows of delicate dashes adorning nylon-blend Ritual. All six patterns are rendered in a rich tapestry of colourways comprising subtle neutrals, chalky greys and deep jewel tones.

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