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Flek Pure by 3form

People, product and planet. These three pillars form the core principles for Utah-based company 3form. An international leader in architectural resin and glass products, 3form creates building materials that brighten up any space while ensuring a sustainable approach to manufacturing. It’s an approach encapsulated in their flagship recycled resin collection, Flek — and the new 100 per cent recycled Flek Pure.

Made from at least 75 per cent recycled materials, 3form’s popular Flek is undeniably striking, with a multi-coloured veneer reminiscent of confetti. It makes for a presence that’s equal parts playful and sophisticated, with a wide variety of colours available to complement any space. Boasting an elegant semi-translucent look, Flek is suited to many applications, ranging from partitions and room dividers to accent walls, exterior walls and more.

Flek’s terrazzo-like material is created using a closed-loop system that repurposes 3form’s Varia panels (the company’s flagship resin product). “We take waste material from the production of our Varia panels, grind it into small pellets, sort out remnants of interlayers, and press them into new Flek panels,” explains 3form Senior Product Development Engineer, Charles Moore. 

After over a decade of research and development, and lots of trial and error, the forward-thinking manufacturers have now released a version of Flek which is 100 per cent recycled. Dubbed Flek Pure, the innovative new collection’s goal was to maximize the amount of re-purposed material, while maintaining Flek’s signature translucency. The challenge inherent in this process was creating a vivid, colourful design while avoiding the cloudy, dull aesthetic that often characterizes recycled products. Using an innovative optical sorter that sifts out any dirt or colour defects, 3form was able to create a crisp and vibrant material that stands out from the crowd.

And while Flek Pure is a milestone, 3form’s commitment to sustainability is rooted in almost 20 years of environmental dedication through their Align initiative — a company-wide mission toward net-positive design. Using comprehensive life-cycle analysis to understand the ecological impact of their products, 3form is working towards zero-waste manufacturing, fostering a circular economy through recycling their products, and even implementing a take-back program with Flek Pure. Efficient energy use, including on-site solar generation, rounds out the brand’s holistic (and constantly evolving) ecological commitment.   

True to 3form’s varied colour portfolio, there’s also a hue for every setting. From graphic, standout patterns to subtle white finishes, the Flek Pure collection is elevated by its versatility. Flek Pure’s launch also coincides with the debut of three new Flek colourways: Flek Bask and Flek Crescent—two earth-toned hues from 3form’s 2021 Design Collection—and a new bright yellow colourway entitled Flek Charge.

“It’s hard to imagine a space that Flek isn’t well-suited to,” says Christian Darby, 3form’s Vice President Design. From commercial spaces to offices, it’s a material that can adapt to changing consumer needs for years — and decades — down the line.

This content was published by Azure on behalf of 3form.

3form’s Flek Pure Raises the Bar for Sustainable Manufacturing

The marquee material collection transforms recycled resin trimmings into a bold aesthetic highlight.

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