5 Bikes that Make Cycling a Breeze

5 Bikes that Make Cycling a Breeze

Haul more, go farther faster, dodge traffic jams, and have fun: five bikes – by Scandinavian Side Bike, Biomega, Vanhawks and more – that go the extra mile.


1 PEK Beijing bike by Biomega
This sleek ride mixes the utility of a cargo bike with the handling of an urban commuter. So for those who like to haul a lot of gear (or groceries) but don’t want to commit to a large reverse trike or bakfiet, this two-wheeler ticks all the boxes. Weighing in at 22 kilos (46 pounds), it’s relatively light for a transport bike. An 11-speed internal hub renders it highly practical for hilly terrains or simply getting going while at a traffic light (as you can switch to a lower gear while standing still).



A-Bike Electric
Electric bikes may not coerce cycling purists, but the whizzing machines have been gaining a lot of traction lately with sleeker designs and innovative features. A-bike, a crowd-funded project out of the U.K., promises to be the lightest and most compact folding e-bike, powering riders for up to 25 kilometres. Its telescopic design keeps the bike compact when folded up, so riders can easily take it inside or on transit.



3 Valour bike by Vanhawks
Bicycles are getting smarter. The Valour bike, from Canadian company Vanhawks, has sensors to make the daily commute safer, shorter, even smoother. It collects data, such as how often a rider stops, starts and turns, and logs any potholes and hills along the way, and then uses this information to suggest optimal routes. It alerts the rider (through vibrations in the hand grips) to potential dangers on the road such as approaching vehicles. A built-in navigation system and anti-theft tracking function add up to a lot of integrated tech in one stylish ride that gets smarter as it gets to know you.



4 Sidecar by Scandinavian Side Bike
It’s an old idea reinvented for the bicycle. Not surprisingly, the concept came out of bike-friendly Denmark. The carbon fibre sidecar hooks up to any bike, turning a single-seater into a station wagon ready to haul children, dogs or luggage. A unique mounting bracket with a pivot lets the bicycle move as it would normally, thus improving the feeling of the bike when compared to bulky utility models. And, unlike trailers, the rider can easily see the child in tow, improving safety and enjoyment. The sidecar can be quickly detached from the bike and transforms into a pull-sled for the snowy Scandinavian winters.



5 CMYK 4.0 by Brooklyness
Smart and good looking: this quick-folding electric model comes in cyan, magenta, yellow and black, appealing to the design-minded with its printer colours, smart functions and appealing frame. An integrated phone charger is a simple but very useful addition, especially when some functions depend on phone connectivity. The accompanying mobile app updates the rider on construction or accidents on the road as well as links to transit schedules making for seamless morning commutes and connections. Though, with a range of 48 kilometres, it would seem easier to just ride door to door. This crowd-funded project is quickly reaching its $30,000 US goal.

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