5 Large-Format Tiles with Big, Botanical Motifs

5 Large-Format Tiles with Big, Botanical Motifs

This bumper crop of large-format tiles – by companies including Fuoriformato, Ornamenta and ABK – shows just how big botanicals are going to be.

I Grafici by Fuoriformato

Fuoriformato (a specialty large-format brand under Target Group) focuses on left-field graphics inspired by sketchwork. Part of the I Grafici collection, Ginko by Japanese artist Asako Hishiki is a layered leafy pattern rendered in autumnal yellows. Sold in sizes up to one by three metres. fuoriformato.net

Operae by Ornamenta

Designed by Davide Tonelli’s D-Segno Studio, Ornamenta’s foray into large-scale ceramics includes seven graphic options, Domestic Jungle – inspired by palm prints of the 1950s – among them. The 120-by-240-centimetre slabs come in four colourways: Blush, Earth, Aquifer and Inked.

Paper41 Pro by 41Zero42

This HD-printed collection of 3.5-millimetre-thick slabs flaunts 41zero42’s playful streak. Luz, with its finely detailed palm trees, is the most equatorial of the 12 offerings, many of which boast botanical motifs. Each 50-by-100-centimetre slab is fibreglass reinforced. 41zero42.com

Wideandstyle Dark Edition by ABK

A whole biodome can be found in Dark Edition, ABK’s 160-by-320-centimetre slab collection sporting butterflies, birds and plants. Wild Berry, one of six patterns in the series, depicts wild strawberries ripening on the vine. abk.it

Casablanca by Nemo Tile

Casablanca recreates the imperfection of hand-made Moroccan tiles, with this distressed, watercolour-like floral a standout example (eight solid hues and four deco looks are also offered). Formats includefive-by-five-inch squares and 5.5-by-6.3-inch hexagons. nemotile.com

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