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Chispa portable table lamps by Marset

Summer is on its way. With the days getting longer and the weather warmer, that means one thing: more time spent outside. Amidst the ongoing pandemic, al fresco life is a welcome and required reprieve from the confinement of colder days. And when the sun goes down? Thanks to these portable, rechargeable and sartorial fixtures from the likes of Marset, Brokis and more, the great outdoors are equipped to stay lit as long as you are. Here are five new table lamps ready to light up the night:

Vessel by Link Outdoors
Vessel by Link Outdoors

A standout among the refined five-part Passage collection, the golden brass or dark bronze Vessel lamp by Chicago-based Lake + Wells is a sculptural addition to any outdoor scenario. Like its moniker suggests, the 68.5-centimetre-long object gracefully bows toward the empty centre while concealing a subtle luminaire in its frame, resembling a “primal ring of fire” or “bonfire glow” when washing light down according to the designers.

Vessel by Link Outdoors

Dimmable at up to three levels via a seamless button in its support, Vessel also features a USB-rechargeable battery for ease of use both inside and out.

Ivy Portable by Brokis
Ivy Portable by Brokis

Known for charming light fixtures that blend expert craft with contemporary flair, Czech brand Brokis has updated their popular Ivy table lamps with a portable, battery-charged version that allows the playful design to follow wherever you go.

Ivy Portable by Brokis

Designed by Lucie Koldov√°, the new model (slightly smaller than its indoor counterpart) is fitted with a lithium battery and offers a subtle glow for up to six hours. The flora-inspired Ivy comes in two base finishes (grey or white) and three tints for its hand-blown glass shade: matte light rose, opal and smoke grey. 

Chispa by Marset
Chispa portable table lamp by Marset

Taking its cue from a garage lamp, Marset‘s new Chispa light by Joan Gaspar embraces its industrial character. Comprised of polycarbonate in four vivid colourways (black, blue, green and orange), the USB-chargeable fixture’s cage-like frame encloses a translucent diffuser illuminated by an integrated LED, dimmable at three levels.

Chispa portable lamp by Marset

Also nodding to its inspiration, Chispa can be suspended thanks to an integrated hook and provides up to 7 hours of light on its high setting, 14 hours on medium and 28 hours at the lowest level. A bold waterproof black switch in the base rounds out the graphic, 17.8-centimetre-tall object.

Turn+ by Ambientec
Turn+ by Ambientec

“Light is a powerful symbol of vitality and hope,” says Japanese designer Nao Tamura, whose new Turn+ is an appropriately impressive beacon. Conceived for Ambientec, the portable, rechargeable and waterproof fixture features a metal base and frame (in aluminum black, brass or stainless steel) surrounding a solid glass diffuser.

Turn+ by Ambientec

Inspired by traditional lanterns, the demure product (17.5 by 8.9 centimetres) emits a “candle-like glow” at four individual levels. An integrated light sensor, two types of LED segments and a battery that lasts up to 500 hours makes Turn+ an essential companion.

Glub by EQ3
Glub portable table lamp by EQ3

While Toronto studio Anony may be more known for their distinct perspective on architectural lighting, their latest design for EQ3 brings things back to a human scale. Dubbed Glub, the charming lamp consists of a rounded conical diffuser paired with a slender cord in blue, red or black. (Its frosted silicone form also means that the light is naturally water-resistant.) Playful, dimmable and boasting a battery life of up to 8 hours, Glub is a versatile product that fits as well inside as it does out. Or, as the designers put: “Carry it, hang it, point it.”

Glub portable table lamps by EQ3

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5 Portable Table Lamps Illuminating the Outdoors

These bold new luminaires light up al fresco living.

We rely on advertising revenue to support the creative content on our site. Please consider whitelisting our site in your settings, or pausing your adblocker while stopping by.