5 Artworks to See at SITElines Santa Fe

5 Artworks to See at SITElines Santa Fe

A new biennial exhibition series, SITElines Santa Fe sees art pieces and installations taking over the entire city. Here are five worth checking out.

SITElines: New Perspectives on Art of the Americas premiered in July, focusing on the theme “Unsettled Landscapes.” Imagined as an examination of political conditions, historical narratives and other issues that inform the work of contemporary artists, the work is by artists from across the Americas – from Nunavut to Tierra del Fuego.

Azure-Sitelines-Sante Fe- Rio Grande

Rio Grande, by Liz Cohen
The Detroit-based artist hybridized an East German Trabant with a Chevrolet El Camino to create a kinetic sculpture she dubbed Trabantamino. It then became the subject of a photo series that includes Rio Grande.

Azure-Sitelines-Sante Fe- Stankievech_

The Soniferous Æther of The Land Beyond The Land Beyond, by Charles Stankievech
This 35mm film was shot using computer-controlled time lapse tracking at the northernmost settlement on earth, as part of a series of looking at remote outpost architecture, military infrastructure and the embedded landscape.

Azure-Sitelines-Sante Fe-Jason Middlebrook

Your General Store, 2014, by Jason Middlebrook
This installation turns a refurbished shipping container into a general store with an inventory of original paintings and objects.

Azure-Sitelines-Sante Fe- Kent Monkman

Bête Noire by Kent Monkman
Commissioned for the event, the Canadian artist’s large scale sculptural installation was inspired by dioramas depicting First Nations people, which Monkman recalls seeing at the Museum of Man and Nature, in his hometown of Winnipeg, as a child.

Azure-Sitelines-Sante Fe-Miler Lagos

The Great Tree , 2014, by Miler Lagos
This 4-metre-tall sculpture is carved from tons of stacked newspapers. The Colombian-born artist wanted to connect print media with its physical medium and the native belief that trees hold great knowledge.


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