5 Wooden Desks That Wow

5 Wooden Desks That Wow

These wooden desks – by Leko, Anna Lotova, Rafa-kids and more – feature clever storage solutions in impeccable, clean-lined designs.


1 Oxymoron desk by Anna Lotova
This worktable sandwiches two sheets of foam, wrapped in alcantara cloth, between wood surfaces to create an unusual storage space. Papers, tools and even an accompanying extra “side table” and desk lamp can be slotted between the two squishy layers.


2 Ring Desk by Codolagni Design Studio
Simplicity at its best, this desk in natural ash with matte veneer and sleek aluminum incorporates a built-in lamp in the same materials, and storage. The piece is also available in a walnut version and either variation can feature the lamp on the right or left.


3 Didrik desk by Leko
Launched this spring in Milan, this piece features a swivelling hinged top that keeps the work surface horizontal and allows belongings to remain in place when one accesses the storage below. More storage is incorporated with shelves tucked into the undersides.


4  K desk by Rafa-kids
This kids desk is playful, elegant and suitable for all ages, thanks to rounded corners and a safety mechanism on the lid that prevents pinched fingers. Suited for homework or creative projects, the lid can act as an easel when open, and closes to hide clutter.


5 CATable by Hao Ruan of LYCS Architecture
The swooping tunnels carved into this desk could provide storage for any number of items, but were in fact designed a pet to nestle in and nap.


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