7 Designers Making Waves at IMM Cologne

7 Designers Making Waves at IMM Cologne

In the D3 Design Injection hall, young talents are exhibiting ideas that cross over to the daring side, and well-resolved furnishings that need only a manufacturer. Here are a few furniture concepts from the fair’s standouts.

Azure Cologne 2014 D3 02

1 Blind by Johansen Faurschou

The Blind pendant, by duo Johansen Faurschou, was shown as part of a larger Danish Design Makers presentation inside the D3 Professionals section, which is devoted to designers looking to put their ideas into production. The concept has a rounded shade that can be moved up and down the length of the power cord, adjusting how much light the lamp emits. (In the background, Evalou Hauge’s Endless Tablecloth can be seen.)

Azure Cologne 2014 D3 04

2 Nomadic Light by Katharina Eisenköck

Central to the D3 exhibit is the D3 Contest, an international competition for talents on the rise. In 2014, 22 prototypes were selected from over 450 international submissions. One of them, the Nomadic Light, by Katharina Eisenköck of London, UK, is a multifunctional lamp encased in concrete, with a stiffened saddle-leather strap for the utmost portability.

Azure Cologne 2014 D3 05

3 Origami Sofa by Yumi Yoshida

As its name implies, Origami Sofa folds and unfolds to convert from the two-seater seen here into a rug. Designed by Yumi Yoshida of California, the concept uses different colours to emphasize the change in function, and to mimic the traditional origami paper that lends the concept its name.

Azure Cologne 2014 D3 08

4 Kleinergleich5 by Ruben Beckers

Kleinergleich5, from the German expression for “less than or equal to,” is an ultra-light design by Germany’s Ruben Beckers. By using interlocking trusses, Beckers achieved a light wooden table – weighing in at only 4.5 kilos – without using solid wood.

Azure Cologne 2014 D3 13

5 Drawing Chair by Jinil Park

The Drawing Chair, by Seoul-based Jinil Park, comprises dozens of metal rods welded together and finished with black paint. The concept stems from Park’s desire to translate his sketches from the page into 3D, faithfully evoking the pen’s lines in sculpted form.

Azure Cologne 2014 D3 15

6 Filou chair by WeLoveEames

Arne Sebrantke (seen above) and partner Emila Lucht, both of Germany, are together known as WeLoveEames, in homage to the furniture greats’ embrace of clean lines and superior ergonomics. The duo’s Filou occasional chair comprises four-millimetre-thick slats of elm locked inside a powder-coated metal frame.

Azure Cologne 2014 D3 14

7 Granoff sofa by Taylor McKenzie-Veal

Taylor McKenzie-Veal of Rhode Island developed the Granoff sofa (together with Scot Bailey, Ian Stell, and Yumi Yoshida) specifically for Diller Scofidio + Renfro’s Granoff Center for Creative Arts at Brown University. The modular seating system, which adds firm cushions to a rigid lacquered shell, can be rearranged into endless configurations, and includes a stand-alone chaise.

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