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Durable. Odourless. Natural. Sustainable. Sanitary. In an era where personal health and safety dominate global consciousness, the inherent qualities of ceramics – did we mention they’re also easy to clean? – are more vital than ever. What’s more, the innovation championed by manufacturers under the Ceramics of Italy banner continually makes for safer and more versatile spaces throughout the home.

From expressive floor-to-ceiling tile formats that minimize grout to self-cleaning technologies that reduce air pollutants, the hygienic – and aesthetic – properties of porcelain and ceramics take sanitary style to a new height. It’s always a safe, hygienic choice, but never a boring one. Here are eight striking examples:

Carpet by Ceramica Francesco de Maio

The softness of carpet, the sleekness of tile. Drawing on Caprese, Neapolitan and Vietri heritage, architect Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva’s design offers a playfully bold take on a centuries-old tradition. Evoking brushstrokes with a sense of elegantly imperfect hand-painted nuance, Ceramica Francesco de Maio‘s Carpet collection creates an inviting focal point for any space.

Cromia by Ceramica Bardelli, Altaeco Group

Call it exuberant minimalism. Comprising monochrome tiles with a glossy finish and an immersive depth of colour, Ceramica Bardelli’s new Cromia collection is at once dazzling and restrained in its simplicity. Available in two formats and 14 tones – including an even mix of seven vivid colours and seven neutral tones – Cromia’s smooth, shiny surfaces are sensitive to the changing light, embracing an evolving mood throughout the day.

OPI by Ceramica Globo

Designed under the creative direction of Angeletti Ruzza Design, Ceramica Globo’s OPI collection of bathroom furnishings creates a focal point for any space. While the furnishings offer nearly endless customization, the kitchen-inspired countertops and ceramic washbasins always make for a cohesive set, with the simplicity of the design emphasizing the colour and tactility of the rounded washbasins.

Link by Ceramica Flaminia

In 1999, Giulio Cappellini and Roberto Palomba designed the first iteration of Link. Since then, Ceramica Flaminia’s evolving collection of toilets and bidets has become contemporary European classic – and one that’s now been updated and adapted for the North American market. Featuring an efficient design that reduces water consumption by 20%, the ceramic toilets also boast a streamlined, aesthetically sophisticated presence, with a newly introduced wall-hanging model that also ensures comfort and easy cleaning.

Pulse by Settecento

A tactile, three-dimensional wall tile, Pulse is an understated statement piece. Measuring 7.6 by 30.5 centimetres with a thickness of 19 millimetres, the glazed ceramic tiles are available in seven vibrant tones; Ice, Dune, Misty, Gray, Azure, Emerald and Ruby (pictured). The diagonal relief introduces a subtle kinetic energy that pairs with the bold colours and rectilinear forms to create an eye-catching presence.

Lux Experience by Italgraniti Group

Italgraniti’s Lux Experience takes the marble look up a notch. Measuring a remarkable 160 by 320 centimetres with a width of only 6 millimetres, the large-format tiles are inspired by natural marble formations. The seven refined finishes range from the subtle and understated to expressive showpieces. Panda White (pictured) falls decisively into the latter category, combining prominent, contrasting veining with eye-catching geometries. It’s an instantly recognizable design.

Wallcraft Impulse by Panaria Ceramica
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From the bathroom to the kitchen and living space, Panaria Ceramica’s versatile Wallcraft Impulse collection brings playful patterns to any part of the home. Available in seven matte, pastel tones and four patterns, the 35-by-100-centimetre wall tiles – with a thickness of 10.5 millimetres – are also well-suited for commercial environments. While the patterns lend the designs a subtle sense of dynamism, the soft tones ensure a soothing, comfortable ambiance.

Bios by Casalgrande Padana

Self-cleaning, bio-active ceramics. If it sounds like the stuff of the future, that’s because it is. Casalgrande Padana’s Bios Ceramics offer unparalleled hygiene – and elevated style – indoors and out. While the bioactive outdoor porcelain stoneware tiles spark chemical reactions that reduce airborne pollutants, Bios’ self-cleaning facade technology harnesses sunlight and rainwater to clean the air and break down dirt that settles on the surface.

This content was published by Azure on behalf of Ceramics of Italy with support from the Italian Trade Agency and Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. More information about the health and safety benefits of ceramic is available here.

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United under the Ceramics of Italy banner, the country’s leading manufacturers prove that a safe, sanitary choice is never a boring one.

We rely on advertising revenue to support the creative content on our site. Please consider whitelisting our site in your settings, or pausing your adblocker while stopping by.