9 Shelves For Stylish Living

9 Shelves For Stylish Living

Featuring unusual angles, sliding panels and irregular grids, these storage systems by Living Divani, Wogg and more can reorganize a living space’s clutter and turn it into a handsome focal point.

1 Flex by Piure
As the name suggests, Flex is conceived as an open system that allows users to compartmentalize at will, using shelves and boxes available in a range of sizes and colours. The system can be mounted on a base or directly onto the wall for a levitating appearance.


2 Off Cut by Living Divani
Nathan Yong’s eco-friendly book case is assembled from solid walnut or oak reclaimed from other production processes. This framework is combined with clear glass shelves for a uniquely sculptural look.


3 Minima3 by MDF Italia
In its most basic form – an empty white or black frame – this updated version of Fattorini + Rizzini + Partners’ 1997 classic is so neutral it virtually disappears. Reimagined for 2014 with reduced radius frames that give shelves the impression of a single top, the system includes boxes in a range of colours inspired by Piet Mondrian’s paintings.


4 Scala Zero by Morelato
The Scala Zero Composizione Libreria from Morelato can take its place against the wall, or act as an elegant freestanding room divider. The box modules are movable, and available with the glass fronts see here or with a colourful finish. Extended horizontal surfaces can also be added to form a desk or sideboard.


5 Demon Shelf System by Gubi
For 2014, Gubi has reissued Mathieu Matégot’s Demon shelf system, first released 60 years ago, alongside stools, coat racks and other examples of Matégot’s classic designs. Available with black-lacquered brackets capable of holding three, four or five oak, walnut or ash shelves, the system’s elements can be combined in multiple configurations.


6 Only Books by Schönbuch
If you’re tired of your books falling over as your inadequate bookends struggle in vain, Schönbuch’s Only Books turns gravity to its advantage. It keeps volumes tidily aligned no matter how few or how many you may have. Despite the name, its eye-catching angles are suitable for more than just books.


7 Wogg 1 by Wogg
Another updated classic, the Wogg 1 modular shelving system – the Swiss manufacturer’s first project – turns 30 this year. To celebrate, Wogg has reintroduced the line with refined materials, adding circular bookends that can be attached to the shelves for a fuss-free splash of colour.


8 Studimo by Interlübke
Massive sliding panels allow Studimo to hide all sorts of mess with a single gesture, and Interlübke has also reconfigured the system to keep our new and wider-screened televisions out of sight. The shelf inserts are available in three depths to allow artful configurations of recessed, flush or protruding compartments.


9 36e8 Wildwood Storage by Lago
The 36e8’s unusual name derives from its base measurements: components of the modular system are based on multiples of 36.8 centimetres. The wood elements, in natural finishes or lacquered in 31 hues, can be combined in any number of ways, and mesh seamlessly with modules from Lago’s 36e8 kitchen concept.

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