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Open concept kitchen with island, Benjamin Moore paint on walls in a navy grey colour

Over a decade ago, Benjamin Moore set out to reinvent the paint-making process. With new colour machines, formulas and colourants, the leading paint manufacturer meticulously re-examined every facet of paint production with the goal of creating a formula that pairs exceptionally vivid hues with an extraordinarily durable and long-lasting finish. The result? Gennex Colour Technology.

While all paints are created with the same basic components, not all paints are created equal. The differences in tone and level are visible to the naked eye, but Benjamin Moore’s Gennex innovation begins at the molecular level.

Bedroom with panel of navy grey Benjamin Moore paint on bottom half of wall and off white paint on top half. Hallway painted deep red.

Most common paint colourants require the addition of various chemicals so that they can mix easily into any number of paints from a multitude of brands. But the versatility typically comes at a cost. The surfactants that aid pigmentation, flow and levelling also tend to weaken paint, making for less vibrant and hard-wearing hues – particularly in darker tones.

Closer shot of faucets with light blue Benjamin Moore paint on wall

Produced in-house, Gennex colourants feature a bespoke formula specifically created to complement Benjamin Moore paints. The colourants were designed exclusively for Benjamin Moore, allowing the chemical composition to be precision-engineered to remove all unnecessary blending components that tend to abrade – and fade – paint.

Backed up by extensive testing – not to mention a decade of continued innovation and refinement – Benjamin Moore’s technology offers vibrant hues that last for years. Resistant to both indoor fading and harsh outdoor weather conditions, colours stay truer over time, requiring less frequent repainting.

Outdoor patio and pool with exterior light green paint by Benjamin Moore

Gennex also facilitates even coverage in fewer coats, making jobs easier and more efficient. For example, Benjamin Moore’s Gennex-engineered Regal Select interior paint offers superior hide compared to its leading competitors – with greater resistance to everything from crayons and lipstick to fire and smoke damage. In outdoor applications, Benjamin Moore’s Aura exterior paint boasts similar advantages, retaining more of its original colour in third-party weather testing. Moreover, Gennex’s exceptionally stable viscosity ensures optimal application no matter the colour.

The durability and even coverage also makes for a more sustainable product, with fewer initial coats and longer-lasting finishes making for reduced net carbon costs. With the launch of Gennex, Benjamin Moore also became the first company in the United States to introduce a waterborne tinting system entirely free of toxic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). It’s a step towards a healthier space – and a healthier planet.

Living area with floating shelves, walls painted with taupe brown Benjamin Moore paint

Today Benjamin Moore’s Gennex technology extends to over 3,500 colours, encompassing a comprehensive range of paints suitable for any application. Years in the making, Gennex promises colours that remain true for years to come.

This content was published by Azure on behalf of Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore’s Gennex Paints Pair Vivid Hues With Unparalleled Durability

The innovative Gennex Colour Technology offers safer, longer-lasting and better-looking finishes.

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