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14th annual AZ Awards issue

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A quirky, PoMo-inflected terrazzo energizing the tables of a retail shop. A dramatically veined marble exuding elegant luxury in a reception area. A warm oak finish wrapping an entire kitchen, island and all. What do these powerful material moments have in common? All are achieved with BODAQ Interior Film, a self-adhesive, vinyl-based surfacing solution offered in 450+ patterns that convincingly imitate everything from woodgrains, metals and stone to fabric and paint.

BODAQ vinyl in an oak pattern beautifully wraps the surfaces of this kitchen.

The innovative product offers interior designers a world of options in material choice; it gives residential clients the freedom to refresh their homes without disrupting their lives; and it provides managers of office and commercial interiors the option to restyle their environments – and draw in sophisticated clients and customers – without creating material waste.

Metal fronts – or rather BODAQ Interior Film taking on the look of gold and brushed metal – evoke a luxe feel in this kitchen.

Manufactured by Hyundai L&C in South Korea and distributed in North America by Nelcos, BODAQ Interior Film is also healthy, safe and sustainable. The material is made in a safe-work environment in a process that minimizes the release of volatile organic compounds. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungus, it contains no heavy metals, no formaldehyde and no phthalates.

A walnut-look BODAQ finish wraps this curved library wall.

Its composition, from top to bottom, consists of a release backing, an air-channeled adhesive layer, a base sheet, a printed pattern layer and – at its very surface – a transparent film. (Different types of projects, from residential to contract, have different requirements; BODAQ supplies both flame-retardant and non-flame-retardant interior vinyl films for orders of any size.)

BODAQ in a metallic thread pattern clads the walls of a hotel.

The pliable material adheres to flat horizontal or vertical surfaces – such as ceilings, walls, doors, kitchen cabinets and furniture – as well as over curved edges. Extremely durable and stain resistant, its perfect appearance lasts for 10+ years.

Straightforward to install, BODAQ can be introduced into virtually any space. In residential interiors, it can clad most any surface, allowing for retrofits that don’t require gut jobs. The anti-bacterial qualities of the material, which is also easy to clean and sanitize, make it an attractive choice for healthcare spaces. In hospitality and retail environments, which go through frequent fit-out cycles to refresh their look and feel, BODAQ provides a refresh with minimal waste and disruption. Likewise, in airports the material allows for spaces to be renovated without interrupting the flow of traffic.

A variety of BODAQ finishes, from the peach wall and teal cabinet fronts to the terrazzo countertop, create a vibrant whole.

With a variety of surface patterns that convey a spectrum of styles and moods – from exuberantly colourful to elegantly restrained – BODAQ Interior Film presents a versatile palette of possibilities to interior designers and their clients.

This content was published by Azure on behalf of Nelcos. More information about BODAQ Interior Film is available here.

BODAQ Interior Film Gives Designers the Freedom to Dress Any Space in Any Material

The self-adhesive vinyl surfacing (which is distributed by Nelcos) works wonders in interiors as varied as residences and offices, hotels and retail shops.

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