Brilliant accessories for kitchen, bath and beyond

Brilliant accessories for kitchen, bath and beyond

Seven vibrant new products, from such innovative brands as Alessi, Joseph Joseph and Normann Copenhagen.

Steel by Hay

For serving your guests with panache, Swedish graphic designer Clara Von Zweigbergk has created five sets of steel trapezoidial trays in aubergine, coral, green, orange, pale green, white and yellow for Denmark’s Hay. Inspired by children’s playing blocks, they come in different sizes that nest within each other.

All-Time by Alessi

Bringing a sense of play to utensils, architect Guido Venturini applied thermoplastic resin – in shades of red, blue, purple, ivory and black – to the ergonomic handles his latest collection for Alessi. The dishwasher-safe stainless steel set includes spoons, forks, knives, and coffee spoons.

Bistro by Bodum

Renowned for its brightly hued and ergonomic kitchen gadgets, Bodum recently added a dual salt and pepper grinder, a wall-mounted knife holder and an herb grinder to its offerings. Made mainly of polymer, the tools are available in the brand’s signature shades of red, white and chartreuse.

Nest by JosephJoseph

In a spectrum of colours, these space-saving measuring tools snap together to create a full rainbow. They include five variously sized Cups, and the 9 Plus, a large non-slip mixing bowl that holds a smaller bowl, stainless steel sieve, colander, and an additional five measuring cups.

WC Line by Kontextür

After the success of Josh Owen’s super-saturated silicone tissue holders for Kontextür, he was invited to create this compact bathroom trio that includes a plunger, a toilet brush and a waste bin in five bold colours, including Yves Klein blue and Dutch orange.

Geo by Normann Copenhagen

Designer Nicholai Wiig Hansen, who has worked with Droog and Ikea, created Geo, a plastic thermos with graphic lines and shapes that give off a masculine, retro feel. It keeps drinks hot or cold and comes in six colour combinations.

Karim Rashid for Slice

Since launching the Slice brand four years ago, TJ Scimone has enlisted various designers, including Yves Béhar and Michael Graves, to re-imagine everyday tools and gadgets. Scimone’s latest collaborator, Karim Rashid has now created a series of sleek kitchen accessories: a ceramic grater and two types of vegetable peelers featuring long-lasting, rust-free ceramic blades.

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