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Kitchen island in Mirabel (506) from Caesarstone's Porcelain collection

Since pioneering the quartz surface category in 1987, Caesarstone countertops have become a household name for their beauty, durability and ease of maintenance. But the brand isn’t resting on its laurels. With its recent entry into the porcelain market, Caesarstone has translated its reputation for quality, innovation and craftsmanship to a new material — and proven its merit as an industry forerunner in the process.

Kitchen island in Locura (516)
516 Locura

Available in 22 neutral colourways, from dramatic marble-inspired surfaces to pared-down modern patterns, the timeless collection doesn’t sacrifice on performance. The two finishes offered, Honed or Ultra Rough, accentuate the diverse veining, textures and patterns. Versatile enough to integrate seamlessly with any design style, Caesarstone Porcelain provides the utmost design freedom and flexibility.

Kitchen island in Lumena (501)
504 Lumena

Take 540 Monumental, for instance, whose elephant grey base is combined with soft off-white markings, oxidized aspects, rough grain and dark-grey veining to form an organic textural pattern in an Ultra Rough finish. The more understated 410 Illuminous, defined by its fine-grey grain and rocklike texture, emulates the porous and slightly uneven qualities of fresh cement. 516 Locura, meanwhile, makes for a bold statement, featuring dark greys blended with warm brown accents, white organic veins, and tiny flecks and oxidization effects that mimic the aesthetic impurities of natural stone.

Kitchen island in Snowdrift (501)
501 Snowdrift

For traditionalists, a vast series of white stone-look options offer the perfect blank canvas. Marrying the opaque depth of hard marble with the soft translucency of alabaster, 506 Mirabel’s veiled surface comprises an ivory base mixed with wash clay, wide charcoal and grey veining, and copper accents in a Honed finish. 501 Snowdrift, on the other hand, mimics the look of marble with delicate golden-brown veining.

Kitchen island in Circa (503)
503 Circa

On the cooler side of the colour spectrum, 503 Circa pairs a pure white base with varied light-grey veining that creates tremendous depth, while 504 Lumena’s pearl-white backdrop is crisscrossed with crackling dark grey veins. Rounding out the palette, 502 Sleet, features slanted bands of whites and off-whites with graphite and golden-brown streaks across the surface.

Kitchen island in Sleet (502)
502 Sleet

Beyond its beauty, Caesarstone Porcelain stands up to everyday life: The surfaces are resistant to scratches, pressure, and ruptures, allowing users to cut directly on the countertop. For added strength, the surfaces are also reinforced with a fiberglass-mesh backing yet remain easy to cut and fabricate. What’s more, the sealant-free surface is non-porous and hygienic and repels stains for a low-maintenance and environmentally friendly solution: simply clean with soap and water.

Outdoor kitchen island in Monumental (540) from Caesarstone's Porcelain collection
540 Monumental

Meanwhile, the resilient surfaces can also withstand extremely high temperatures (and UV rays, making it equally suited to outdoor use). With its superior durability and strength, the one-of-a-kind collection was engineered specifically for countertop applications, and, backed by a lifetime residential warranty, it’s a product the company stands behind.

Outdoor kitchen island in Illuminous (410) from Caesarstone's Porcelain collection
410 Illuminous

Like all Caesarstone’s surfaces, it’s sustainable, too. Made from naturally occurring minerals, the porcelain collection is responsibly sourced and manufactured in alignment with the brand’s environmental standards. Using only the purest particles, resins and pigments, the product also meets stringent emission guidelines, with little to no impact on indoor air quality. Highly sustainable, high-tech and high-design, Caesarstone Porcelain represents an entirely new point-of-view on countertops.

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Technology Meets Design in Caesarstone’s Debut Porcelain Collection

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