Countdown to Light+Building: 9 Brilliant Lights

Countdown to Light+Building: 9 Brilliant Lights

The biennial Frankfurt trade fairon March 30 to April 4, showcases the best in technical, architectural and decorative lighting. Here is a selection of launches we’re looking forward to, from the likes of Zumtobel, Ingo Maurer and Tobias Grau.


1 Light Fields by Zumtobel

This slim-lined LED suspension fixture from Vienna’s Zumtobel dims from warm to cool white, allowing users to customize the illumination above their workstations. It also comes in recessed, surface-mounted and wall-mounted versions. 


2 Nice by Tobias Grau

With such finishes as copper, polished chrome, or matte black, Tobias Grau’s teardrop suspension lamps are equipped with colour-matched cables. The LED fixtures are fitted with an optical lens that reduces glare, and can be integrated with track systems. 


3 Gimball by Targetti

One of two new outdoor introductions from Targetti, this 12-watt LED lamp diffuses defined beams, super sport or flood, through acrylic lenses that can project illumination onto surfaces as far as 30 metres away.


4 Lisgo Sky by Oligo

Height adjustable up to five metres, Lisgo Sky touts a super slim profile at only 15 millimetres wide. Aesthetically daring, the dimmable fixture is also smart: it remembers its most recent brightness so that it can be switched back if you want to return to your preferred setting.


5 Mood by Modo Luce

Shaped like downturned dishes, the Mood lamps come in suspension, wall and ceiling versions. Their shades are made of pleated acrylic or cotton, in 25 colours. 


6 Light Structure by Ingo Maurer

In 1970, Peter Hamburger and Ingo Maurer released Light Structure – a sculptural fixture made of sticklike bulbs that were discontinued at the turn of the millennium. Last year, the German brand released the prototype of a new LED version at Milan’s Euroluce light fair, which is now in production, as a table or suspension lamp.


7 Parscan by Erco

Functioning as a spotlight, floodlight or wall washer, Parscan is ideal for galleries and boutiques. It produces a neutral or warm white light. 


8 Kjell by Domus Licht

Made up of a grey or cream shade and an oak base, the charming Kjell comes with a transparent power cord, hand dimmer and can take a 70-watt bulb. 

Azure Light Building Cini Nils

9 FormaLa by Cini & Nils

This ribbon of light that snakes across a wall has a built-in power supply. One to four four LED-powered elements can be combined for installation over large surfaces, and in an endless possibility of patterns. 


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