Countdown to Milan: 5 Hot Kitchens

Countdown to Milan: 5 Hot Kitchens

The biennial kitchen fair EuroCucina, at the Salone del Mobile, is a food lover’s paradise. Here are five new systems launching on April 8 at the fair and in the city, by Scavolini, Schiffini and more.

Azure-Countdown-to-Milan-5-hot-kitchens-041 Drawer Kitchen by Schiffini

On view at the Schiffini showroom, this remarkable kitchen island concept is characterized by its designer, Germany’s Gitta Gschwendtner, as an exploded storage unit. A beautiful object to behold when not in use, the island becomes even more dramatic when all the drawers are being pulled out while prepping for dinner. On view at Visconti di Modrone 12.

Azure-Countdown-to-Milan-5-hot-kitchens-02 2 Ki by Scavolini

Oki Sato of Nendo brings his studio’s sophisticated Japanese minimalism to this new system for Scavolini. One of its most charming features are the white containers that line the shelves, replacing the usual wall of doors. The kitchen sink and stovetop also take the form of white basins. On view at EuroCucina, hall 15.

Azure-Countdown-to-Milan-5-hot-kitchens-07 3 Artusi by Arclinea

The Italian brand is showing variations on some of its enduring classics at its downtown showrooms. Antonio Citterio’s sleek Artusi system brings culinary professionalism to the home; while Gamma79, by Roberto Pamio + Partners, reclaims some of the key concepts of the original system from the 1970s, which still looks sharp more than four decades later. At Corso Monforte 23 (in the Galleria Visconti).

Azure-Countdown-to-Milan-5-hot-kitchens-014 Vela by Dada

A kitchen classic by Dante Bonuccelli, Vela is getting a few updates, including 12-millimetre-thick doors that are slim to the point of imperceptibility, and a new kind of mechanism that allows them to swing open. The latest version has also made the handles a much more graphic feature. On view at EuroCucina, hall 11.

Azure-Countdown-to-Milan-5-hot-kitchens-085 Minà Kitchen by Minacciolo

To celebrate 40 years of making kitchen systems with a shabby-chic industrial appeal, Italian manufacturer Minaccoilo is launching 10 unique versions of its popular Minà Kitchen islands, including one made of rusted steel. On view at EuroCucina, hall 11.

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