Down to the Wire

Down to the Wire

The latest candle holders and vases tap into the thin-rimmed aesthetic.

Down to the Wire 01

1 Lup by Hay
With its looped handle, Lup looks like an ultra-minimal version of the old portable candlestick. Designed by Shane Schneck, it’s made of aluminum wire in copper or black with a triangular or square base.

Down to the Wire 02

2 Kishu by Maya Selway
Resembling an incomplete sketch, Maya Selway’s oxidized copper vase comes with a shallow silver dish to hold stems. The London designer, who trained as a silversmith and jewel­ler, also makes similarly delicate candle holders, bowls and bottles.  ­

Down to the Wire 03

3 Sid by David Taylor
Sid is one of 30 sculptural candle holders in concrete, steel, copper, brass and leather, from David Taylor’s Crowd line. The Stockholm-based Scottish designer replenishes the collection with new models as pieces are sold.  ­

Down to the Wire 04

4 Minimal by Discipline
You can place any drinking glass on the wooden base of this simple design from Germany’s Ding3000 to support flowers with the help of the steel wire and loop.  ­

Down to the Wire 05

5 V4 by Seung Yong Song
Recalling a wire frame dressmaker’s form, this vase by the young Korean designer is composed of a stainless steel cage over a concrete and walnut bottom.  ­

Down to the Wire 06

6 Truss by Thinkk Studio
Bangkok’s Thinkk Studio took cues from construction sites for its Workaholic range of desktop accessories. The concrete Truss vase comes with three unique steel tops for bouquets of various sizes.  ­

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