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A two-story ViviSpectra Spectrum glass curtain wall overlooks this hospital lobby and makes a colorful statement with custom interlayers featuring local artwork.n

As a material, glass has tremendous potential for architectural settings. From a functional standpoint, it can be highly durable and easy to clean and maintain. From an aesthetic standpoint, it has vast design possibilities. That is why Forms+Surfaces’ comprehensive glass program is so useful: it turns a designer’s creative vision into a beautiful – and highly customized – installed reality. Their glass provides the freedom to tailor designs to project-specific applications and transform spaces of any size or scale, and can be used for walls, partitions, railings, doors and more.

“The Forms+Surfaces glass program is very design-centric,” says Julie Kazanjian, VP, Product & Sales Strategy at Forms+Surfaces. “Designers can choose from a huge range of standard options – colors, patterns, textures, graphics, etc. – or create their own designs within broad program parameters. We like to think of our glass as a blank canvas that makes it easy for designers to push creative boundaries and bring their ideas to life in architectural glass.”

ViviGraphix Gradiance glass keeps the look light and proves that privacy can be a beautiful thing in these reception desk partition panels.

Here is an exploration of the two versatile families in Forms+Surfaces’ glass program – and how to use them creatively.

VividGlass, Forms+Surfaces’ line of laminated glass, consists of one or more highly configurable decorative interlayers laminated between two lites of glass. The interlayers bring visual excitement to VividGlass and give designers endless ways to customize their work. Users can select from standard interlayer colors, patterns and imagery. Looks can be personalized with custom colors or graphics. A variety of intuitive interactive design tools can be used to create project-specific interlayer artwork.

ViviGraphix Gradiance glass with custom graphics adds an elegant touch to this upscale hotel restaurant without compromising the natural daylight or open-air atmosphere of the space.

Each VividGlass family is defined by the visual characteristics of its interlayers: ViviChrome emphasizes solid color; ViviGraphix adds graphic elements; ViviSpectra incorporates continuous tone color imagery, photos and custom artwork; ViviStrata features precise etched designs; ViviStone unites the beauty of real stone with the convenience of glass; and ViviTela introduces the rich look of woven metal.

Partition walls in ViviSpectra Spectrum glass with custom graphics send a message in English and Spanish.

BermanGlass, Forms+Surfaces’ line of kiln cast glass, brings depth and dimension. It invites designers to get creative with artisanal sculptural patterns and textures that play with shadows and light. The BermanGlass line is shaped by three distinct families: Levels glass pairs artisanal cast glass textures with laminated color and graphic interlayers; 3D glass features deeply sculpted textures; and Classic designs have a timeless, handcrafted feel.

Partition walls in BermanGlass Classic Kiln Cast glass with Plank texture blend natural inspiration with contemporary aesthetics.

Forms+Surfaces glass is available as loose lites in sizes that provide creative flexibility. VividGlass is standard up to 60 x 120 inches (or 1524 x 3048 millimetres). BermanGlass sizes vary from family to family. In both cases, standard glass thicknesses and types (safety, tempered, annealed, fire-rated, etc.) are available.

ViviGraphix Gradiance glass brings a tranquil sense of calm to walls and more in this healthcare facility.

Both glass families provide customizability and convenience. All Forms+Surfaces glass is manufactured to size and specification and is compatible with many third-party installation mounting and hardware solutions. In addition, their glass hardware collection gives numerous options for installing VividGlass and BermanGlass glass lites and addressing a wide range of vertical and horizontal glass application scenarios.

Here are a few examples of how Forms+Surfaces glass has been used to stunning effect.

Partition walls with ViviGraphix Gradiance glass and custom graphics make a corporate statement and lend executive level privacy.

Need design flexibility within the convenience of a standardized system? VividGlass can be used in many of Forms+Surfaces’ Systems, including LightPlane LED Panels, LEVELe Wall Cladding and Column Systems, and LEVELe and CabForms Elevator Interiors. BermanGlass is also an option in some of these Systems.

Forms+Surfaces also provides excellent support to designers. Their glass products are backed by global project management, design, engineering, manufacturing, customer support and sustainability teams. They can provide assistance at any step of the design or customization process – their website is helpful, or they’re a phone call away.

Railings with infill panels of ViviGraphix Gradiance glass offer a beautiful perspective on the floors below.

Forms+Surfaces glass has been used for work stations, room dividers, partition walls, railings, doors and more. It can be found in corporate campuses to healthcare facilities to airports and hotels. It’s a testament to their versatility for any project-specific design and application.

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