This Digital Darkroom App Lets Architects Easily Create Amazing Glass Effects

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Forms+Surfaces’ Zoom Digital Darkroom and Image Library solve a frustrating problem for architects and designers: finding and turning nature photography into large-scale glass applications.

Architectural glass presents a wealth of creative opportunities for architects and designers to characterize their spaces. Nature imagery, in particular, can help transform cladding, backdrops, stairs and walls into bold or soothing design features.

But finding those images and working with them can be a long and challenging process. Forms+Surfaces found itself frequently approached by architects and designers who wanted to incorporate nature photography into their projects using the company’s ViviSpectra Zoom laminated glass. Because stock photography is typically too low-resolution for architectural applications, and commissioned photography is expensive, Forms+Surfaces found it difficult to meet these requests. So, the company designed a solution.

Its new Zoom Digital Darkroom and Zoom Image Library address the challenge in two ways: by offering a growing collection of incredible nature photography, and by giving architects and designers an easy-to-use tool for exploring, editing and testing their images of choice.


The Zoom Image Library

The image repository features literal and abstract nature scenes: panoramic vistas, mountain ranges, forests in dappled light, peaceful meadows and dramatic seascapes. Zoom images are created from thousands of individual photos that are stitched and stacked to form a new, large-scale, super-high-resolution image.

Each has its own unique dimensions, but the entire library is available at resolutions of 300dpi and 150dpi. Because of the size and high resolution, users can customize the image (by zooming and cropping) without sacrificing clarity. Images from the Zoom Library serve as interlayers for Forms+Surfaces’ ViviSpectra Zoom laminated glass.


The Zoom Digital Darkroom

An online application hosted on the Forms+Surfaces’ website, the Zoom Digital Darkroom simplifies the process of working with Zoom images for architectural glass applications. From the app, designers and architects can:

● select images from the Zoom Image Library;
● zoom, rotate, crop and make edits to an image, to create unique interpretations;
● explore application ideas;
● save and download work; and
● request budget pricing.

The Zoom Digital Darkroom is comprehensive but intuitive, eliminating the need for hiring a graphic designer or using additional image editing programs. Along with the Zoom Image Library, it joins Forms+Surfaces’ other tools for creating stunning architectural glass effects.

Learn more about the Zoom Digital Darkroom in the video below:

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