6 New Gadgets That Make Work Better

6 New Gadgets That Make Work Better

From solar charging tables to noise-cancelling headphones, here are six stylish office tools with built-in technologies.


1 Beats Studio Wireless headphones by Beats By Dre
Beats Studio Wireless headphones feature adaptive noise cancelling, which erases ambient noise with the illusion of quiet. Alternatively, you can drown out office distractions with your tunes, or opt for a balance to keep an ear on your surroundings.  $399


2 The Current Table by Marjan Van Aubel
The Current Table, by the Netherlands’ Marjan Van Aubel, was nominated as one of the 2015 Designs of the Year by the Design Museum in London. The glass surface is embedded with a solar cell for charging such devices as tablets and smart phones. Unlike traditional solar cells, the dye-sensitized unit works indoors, in diffuse light.  ­


3 Rugged RAID by LaCie
LaCie’s Rugged RAID provides four terabytes of storage on two independent drives, in a sleeve that resists shock, dust and water, designed by Neil Poulton. The RAID hardware delivers super-speeds of 240 megabytes per second, with a mirror mode for backing up data in the field.  $530 ­


4 Key Cable by Native Union
Native Union’s Key Cable ensures that you’re never without power. The portable cable fits snugly on to a key ring and plugs into any USB port to juice up your iPad or any compatible Apple or Android device. In coral red, marine blue and zebra.  $40 


5 Jyssen by Ikea
Ikea is launching wireless charging options, including Jyssen, a module that can be built right into work surfaces. Single and triple charging pads, three lamps and two bedside tables are also part of the line.


6 Of Instruments and Archetypes by Unfold Studio and Kirschner3d

Parametric precision is a cinch with Unfold Studio’s set of measuring tools, Of Instruments and Archetypes. Ideal for 3‑D printing, the deceptively simple wooden tape measure, protractor and calipers directly translate real-world measurements to an onscreen model.

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