These Indoor Plant Lights Elegantly Sustain Greenery

These Indoor Plant Lights Elegantly Sustain Greenery

Peek inside the growing trend of luminaires designed to support flora with indoor plant lights designed by Nui Studio, Álvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera, Artemide and Glimakra.


Mygdal plantlight

Indoor Plant Lights: Mygdal plantlight

German designers Nui Studio have created a simple way to bring the health benefits of greenery into window-less spaces with this lamp-meets-terrarium. Each piece hermetically seals a self-sustaining ecosystem inside an LED-lit blown-glass vessel.



Indoor Plant Lights: Viride

Barcelona designers Álvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera recently prototyped a series of minimal, modern planters, each fitted with one or more round LED panels. The light source is calibrated to cast a glow that is comfortable to the eye, as well as beneficial to the plant. 


Gople lamp RWB

Indoor Plant Lights: Gople lamp RWB

Developed for Artemide by BIG, this mouth-blown glass pendant’s RWB LED source is adjusted to enhance the well-being of humans as well as to boost the growth of plant life. Its red and blue radiations at varying wave-lengths support different phases of the grow cycle.


LimbusFloor Subtle GreenFrame

Indoor Plant Lights: LimbusFloor Subtle GreenFrame

Both a plant stand and a room divider, this multi-functional piece was designed for Glimakra of Sweden by Johan Kauppi. The solid ash frame is integrated with a flora-sustaining lamp, and itself evokes a window, making it ideal for spaces lacking daylight.

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