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When news spread that superstar rapper Drake would be building a mega-mansion in his hometown’s upscale Bridle Path neighbourhood, the Internet went wild wondering what the Toronto home might look like, and imagining the luxurious features and furnishings it might include.

Norm Li, a Toronto-based visualization studio, took the guesswork a step further. They’ve created a set of highly detailed renderings that find Drake relaxing in his office, hanging out on the sidelines of his private basketball court and, of course, toasting with friend and Toronto city councillor Norm Kelly.

“Being huge Drake fans, our entire office, including our principal Norm, is pretty knowledgeable on all things Drake,” Kimberly Valmeo, the studio’s marketing director, told Azure. “It wasn’t difficult for us to brainstorm on how to accessorize the spaces.”

Valmeo says the group drew inspiration from Drake’s OVO record label and clothing line, which employs black and gold as its brand colours and an owl as its emblem. They also mined pop culture references, looking for known Drake associates to add to the renderings.

“We wanted to make sure the entourage we integrated within the spaces were a close depiction to who Drake interacts with,” Valmeo explains. “We paid careful attention to who we included in the spaces to really tell a story.”

As for which room she thinks the real Drake would truly enjoy, Valmeo says “it’s definitely a toss up between the OVO-inspired black and gold hardwood floor in the gym, and the ‘Hotline Bling’ lighting in the champagne room.”

Norm Li used public elevation drawings of the planned mansion as the basis for this rendering of the exterior. Rumour has it that Drake’s sprawling new residence will boast a 34-metre-wide driveway. That’s plenty of space for at least six luxury vehicles.

In this visualization, Drake is flanked by trusted allies – bodyguard “Chubbs,” producer and OVO co-founder Noah “40” Shebib and manager Oliver El-Khatib – as he heads out for the evening. Behind the group, hands clasped together in prayer (a signature Drake gesture) and the number “6” (the Toronto moniker he made famous) are projected on the estate’s expansive stucco facade.

With a leather sofa (accessorized with an OVO-branded throw pillow), marble side tables and a “Hotline Bling”-inspired rotary phone, Drake’s bathroom serves as additional living space. Here, he takes a call on the couch while two bottles of champagne chill in a nearby ice bucket. Singer and rumoured girlfriend Rihanna makes a cameo in the glass-walled shower.

A personalized basketball court with black marble and gold accents begs for all-star attention. Drake, a seasoned sidelines cheerleader, watches as NBA stars LeBron James and Stephen Curry play one-on-one. His label is well represented in the gym, as are his beloved Toronto Raptors.

Norm Li has given Drizzy a swanky home office for penning hits in. Furniture branded in signature black and gold dot the room, and platinum records line the wall. Drake looks contemplative in the arms of an oxblood chair. Could he be daydreaming of Rihanna, or Demar Derozan’s jumpshot?

The rapper’s champagne room is inspired by the soft glow lighting found in his music video for “Hotline Bling.” Here, Drake and city councillor Norm Kelly share a nip of whiskey and a laugh – regarding, perhaps, a clever tweet?


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