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Interface Rising Signs carpet collection

Whether it’s a chance encounter with a familiar face or an indication of the changing seasons, people take comfort and find motivation in daily reminders that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Recognizing the value in the sense of connection that small signs can offer, Vice President of Global Product Design Kari Pei designed Interface’s new Rising Signs carpet tile collection as a reflection of the various ways we are increasingly connected — to each other, and to nature.

Rising Signs by Interface

Unveiled at a time when a stronger sense of connection offers much cause for celebration, the eight durable flooring products are inspired by symbols of social and environmental progress that have been on the rise in recent months. Now, these promising markers of momentum can be spotted not just in external environments, but throughout interiors, too — bringing positive new energy to corporate offices and other spaces.

Interface Rising Signs carpet collection

For the collection’s more geometric offerings, such as Spandrel, Play the Angle, Proportional and Upward Bound, Interface’s design team looked to the bold lines and angular silhouettes of architectural infrastructure that helps to draw people together and move them forward. Tension bridges and fire escapes — a perfect spot for a neighbourly chat — are playfully abstracted into striking dynamic grids.

Then there’s the eye-catching Angle Up, which strikes a deft balance between the angular and organic. What’s more, the soothing Up at Dawn takes its cues from natural curves to provide a softer, biophilic aesthetic. In a deep cobalt blue, Up at Dawn recalls a rippling lake, while additional colour options mimic pink flower petals or green fir forests. Notably, Interface’s Rising Signs collection also demonstrates a deep commitment to the environment in its sustainability efforts.

Two final products, Binary Code and Karmic Relief, mark a happy medium between the collection’s two types of patterns, mixing hints of geometry with more biophilic textures.

Interface Rising Signs carpet collection

In an appropriate nod to the power of connection, the collection styles that coordinate with each other, encouraging infinite mix-and-match combinations that demonstrate exciting assortments of patterns. By specifying different products for different areas, designers can easily arrange pathways and zones that feel distinct yet complementary. A varied palette of on-trend colours allow for further customization, with options ranging from rich jewel tones to earthy calming neutrals.

As with other Interface flooring, the eight products are carbon neutral across their full life cycle — and third-party verified through the company’s Carbon Neutral Floors program — making it even easier to participate in the growing force of change. With Rising Signs, all signs point to progress.

Lead image features the sculpture Upward by Richard Hunt.

This content was published by Azure on behalf of Interface.

Interface’s Rising Signs Collection Celebrates the Power of Connection

Eight new carpet products reflect the bonds that hold us together and link us to the natural world.

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