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Grohe Atrio

What does real innovation look like? As the rapidly growing world of “smart home” products re-shapes living spaces, the market for appliances and fixtures is gradually being transformed by everything from internet-enabled fridges to voice-activated showers and speakers in lamps. Yet, while new technology can provide welcome utility, the balance of aesthetics and enhnaced functionality is notoriously hard to strike. In this respect, GROHE’s new SmartControl and Atrio collections are a standout, seamlessly combining cutting-edge sophistication with timeless and user-friendly design.

Push. Turn. Shower. It’s a familiar gesture, but with GROHE’S SmartControl, the system takes on surprising versatility. Choice of outlet, water flow and temperature are all controlled with GROHE’s push-and-turn technology. Deftly combining simplicity and innovative features, the shower system introduces a wide range of customization while maintaining an intuitive functionality.

Designed to save user settings for the next time the shower is in use, SmartControl offers the perfect shower every time, all with a simple push and turn. From a deluge to a fine spray – and with ideal temperature in every drop – SmartControl delivers the rare combination of versatility and ease of use. A streamlined design language means that the intelligent fixture accentuates a sophisticated bathroom design, with its technological intricacy never coming at the expense of aesthetic purity.

Grohe, SmartControl

The system allows for a seamless integration with GROHE’s TurboStat technology also means water is delivered at the desired temperature within a fraction of a second, resulting in less water wasted before stepping in. Available in the easy-to-install Euphoria variation or the sleek behind the wall GrohTherm installation, the SmartControl collection offers customizable configuration with choice of shower head and hand shower.

Grohe SmartControl

For GROHE, the same design philosophy is carried through to the new Atrio Collection. Defined by elegance and precision, Atrio products build on the simple geography of the circle to create a clean, compelling and pure aesthetic.. The collection includes an array of products including a roman tub filler, deck-mount vessel, widespread low and high faucets, single-hole low and high faucets, wall-mount faucet, and single-hole, single-handle faucets.

Pared back to the essentials, Atrio’s slim cylindrical shape is made possible by GROHE’s state-of-the-art super-slim cartridge technology. Here, technology complements design, with the considered details adding up to an object with a reassuring air of permanence – and timelessness – that complements any design aesthetic.

The Atrio collection offers a lasting and durable aesthetic. From the bold cross handle with the subtle H and C markings to the slim cylindrical shape, the considered details add up to an object with a reassuring design permanence. Crafted with care and hand-assembled, Atrio also meets the highest standards for engineering and performance that GROHE is famous for.

Like SmartControl, Atrio is also designed with efficiency in mind. The EPA WaterSense certified collection operates at a maximum water efficiency level, resulting in reduced waste. Available in two finishes, Atrio’s look is defined by pure symmetrical intersections and an unfailingly precise attention to proportion and scale. It possesses a timeless aesthetic that belies its cutting-edge technology.

For GROHE, the new SmartControl and Atrio collections accomplish a rare feat, combining a user-friendly and minimal design language with environmentally conscious technological sophistication.

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Intuition Meets Innovation in New GROHE Bathroom Collections

GROHE’s new SmartControl and Atrio collections offer the rare synthesis of cutting-edge technology and timeless design.

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