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Over the past year and a half, as people have sought to make their living spaces more comfortable and more efficient, designers have looked beyond the home for inspiration. Today’s backyards incorporate outdoor heaters lifted right from the restaurant industry, while home offices are embracing ergonomic desk chairs once reserved for professional workspaces. Now, sensing that bathrooms are ready for their own reinvention, Kohler is inspiring change by bringing the spa setting into domestic spaces.

While supporting good hygiene and sanitation remain the key drivers behind any successful bathroom design, Kohler demonstrates that bathrooms can also play an important role in supporting well-being. After all, wellness is a holistic concept, impacted as much by our physical condition as it is by our state of mind. Carefully planned to help guests improve their physical and emotional wellbeing, spa environments are a case in point. By taking strategic cues from these settings, Kohler’s latest designs transform daily routines into more meditative rituals — bringing much-needed comfort to strained bodies and minds.

Hydrotherapy DTC Shower by Kohler
DTV+ Shower System with Kohler Konnect by Kohler

Hydrotherapy is an especially popular source of stress relief at today’s top wellness retreats, leveraging thermal circuits of hot and cold pools to improve circulation, muscle relaxation, and breathing patterns. Inspired by these powerful benefits, Kohler’s hydrotherapy showers integrate a full thermal circuit into our daily routines. Products like the voice-enabled DTV+ Shower System with Kohler Konnect allow for easy activation of routines that cycle through refreshing sequences of hot and cold water and relaxing steam. Meanwhile, the Real Rain overhead panel recreates the tranquil feeling of light rainfall to foster a closer connection to nature.

Moxie Smart Shower Speaker by Kohler
Moxie Smart Shower Speaker by Kohler

Kohler’s Moxie Smart Shower Speaker, which consists of a Bluetooth speaker that magnetically docks to a complementary showerhead, introduces another therapeutic element to showers: music. (As an added bonus, the portable speaker can also accompany owners on a trip to the beach.) A charging station can be easily integrated into a bathroom’s vanity for when it comes time to power up.

Kensho stone sink by Kohler

Kohler’s commitment to design excellence is also key: Products that appeal to a client’s senses of sight and touch enhance their connection to the present moment, improving mindfulness. For instance, the Kensho stone sink features both a pleasing silhouette and a rich textured finish, delivering the simple satisfaction that comes from interacting with an attractive, well-made design. Similarly, pastel-hued products like the Iron Plains sink in Lavender Grey contribute to a peaceful, blissed-out mood.

Maxstow Lighted Medicine Cabinet by Kohler

A truly calm and comfortable space also depends on keeping beauty and functionality in careful balance. In turn, easy-to-clean surfaces and vanities equipped with ample storage space — the secret to maintaining a clutter-free counter — are two additional ways to achieve lasting peace of mind. The Maxstow Lighted Medicine cabinet is a great example, featuring deep, staggered shelves to store key bathroom essentials — plus LED side lights that supply flattering lighting when it comes time for grooming. In another display of Kohler’s deep regard for functionality, the Low Threshold Shower base has been designed with a built-in seat to make a spa-like experience accessible to clients of all ages and abilities.

Low Threshold Shower Base by Kohler
Low Threshold Shower Base by Kohler

As the bathroom evolves into a richer, more meditative space, Kohler is leading the way. By prioritizing mental wellness alongside physical cleanliness, the innovative manufacturer is ensuring that people emerge from their morning shower feeling not just clean, but also refreshed and revitalized.

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Kohler Boosts Wellbeing by Bringing the Spa Experience Home

Organic shapes and hydrotherapy showers prepare home bathrooms to contribute to a meaningful mental reset.

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