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Kohler Statement showerhead

A shower can be so much more than just another simple step in one’s daily morning routine. With the right design approach, it can also become a richly therapeutic experience. Think, for instance, of the lasting sense of calm that’s inspired by a soak at a serene Nordic spa, or the strong connection to nature that’s facilitated by an outdoor shower at a cabin in the woods. By introducing new designs that place greater emphasis on wellness, Kohler is helping people to enjoy a positive mental boost during their at-home showers, too.

Kohler understands that, in 2022, an effective shower needs to contribute to more than just good hygiene — it also needs to set people up for success by washing away their daily stress and boosting their overall energy level. After all, having a clear mind is just as important as having a clean body. Products that recreate the experience of being at a spa or in nature offer a significant advantage in this department, reimagining the bathroom as a place of rest and relaxation.

This forward-thinking outlook informs many of Kohler’s latest launches, including a new line of shower products, Statement. All of the collection’s designs take inspiration from wellness environments and the great outdoors to support ongoing wellbeing at a time when that’s especially critical.

The Statement Oval Rainhead is one particular standout. Offered in a vibrant, brushed brass finish, the showerhead recreates the feeling of rainfall during a gentle summer storm to contribute to a calming shower ritual. For an extra-realistic — and extra-relaxing — rainfall effect, Katalyst air-induction technology mixes air and water to produce large droplets that ensure full, consistent coverage and prevent wasteful overspray.

A multifunction version of Statement adds additional versatility, alternating between a full spray, a softer Cloud spray with super-fine streams, and a focused Deep Massage kinetic spray that uses angled cross-streams to target and relieve sore muscles. Intuitive mode selector buttons make it easy to switch between functions — even when you’re half-asleep at 7 a.m.

For those seeking the flexibility to direct their own spray, a round handshower version of Statement adapts the design’s form while preserving the same sleek, minimalist style and brushed brass finish of the fixed showerhead version.

As another way to soothe the body and relax the mind, Kohler has also introduced the Statement Vichy body spray, which offers 14 twirling Deep Massage streams. Designed to target achy muscles, these mimic the affusion-style showers used in hydrotherapy spa treatments at the Kohler Waters Spa. For a particularly soothing experience, the semi-recessed design can be installed in clusters to address multiple muscles simultaneously.

And if you need to make room for some extra company in the shower, Kohler also offers a ceiling-mount dual railhead arm. Boasting a striking arched profile, this accessory facilitates a multi-shower configuration by allowing for an arrangement of two rainheads or a rainhead/wand-handshower-and-hose combination.

Kohler Statement showerhead

No matter which product a designer selects, Kohler’s Statement range reinvents the shower as the perfect place to refresh and prepare for the day ahead.

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Kohler Rethinks the Shower As a Source of Holistic Wellness

By borrowing ideas from spa environments and the great outdoors, Kohler introduces new shower designs ready to cleanse the body and the mind.

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