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Laufen bathroom with natural daylight

“Where once there was curve, now there’s the tight edge radius.” The succinct sentence encapsulates the transformative appeal of Laufen’s pioneering SaphirKeramik ceramic material. Thinner, lighter and far more malleable than standard ceramics, Laufen’s innovative suite of bathroom furnishings facilitates a uniquely flexible design language, allowing for thinner and more defined forms that express unprecedented angularity and lightness in a space-saving format.

Since its 2013 launch, SaphirKeramik has expanded the possibilities of ceramics. The material innovation is complemented by Laufen’s growing portfolio of aesthetically sophisticated products, including the washbasins in the groundbreaking Kartell by Laufen bathroom collection and the bowls from the Living Square collection, as well as the eye-catching Val and Ino collections. Elevating SaphirKeramik’s game-changing potential, the new Sonar collection adds an ambitious yet tactfully understated new chapter to Laufen’s portfolio.

Designed by acclaimed Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola, the Sonar collection celebrates new ceramic frontiers. The striking bathroom furnishings draw the eye to the elegant angularity and thinness of its fixtures with a unique three-dimensional form. Taking cues from two disparate veins – architectural minimalism and sound waves – the collection of sinks, tubs and washstands features wafer-thin lines, with some pieces defined by a rippled front that accentuates their delicate (yet extremely robust) form.

Highlighting the collection’s angular simplicity, Urquiola has also developed a distinctive D-shape for many of the fixtures, creating a strong and consistent visual identity that subtly anchors its surroundings without imposing an aesthetically overwhelming presence.

The Sonar collection’s aesthetic boldness is paired with thoughtful functionality. A marginally sloping base for the washbasin bowls gently channels the water into a transverse recess and from there to a conventional outlet concealed beneath a removable SaphirKeramik cover.

Featuring a slender exterior finished with Sonar’s trademark “sound wave” texture, the collection’s free-standing oval bathtub is a particular highlight. Practical and stylish, a round dish that simply attaches to the bathtub’s slender rim serves as a platform for body care essentials and wellness accessories.

Urquiola deftly matches the ceramic pieces with vanity units in bold – yet elegant – metallic finishes, including gold, copper and titanium, as well as the striking Nero Marquina (a black limestone with white veins). Paired with the rich colours, the austere geometric design of the furniture allows the washbasin’s shape to take centre stage. Finally, a tall cabinet offers additional storage space in the Sonar bathroom, complementing the collection’s striking aesthetic qualities with unfussy functionality.

Possessing all the hygienic advantages of traditional bathroom ceramics, the thinner, more defined, and extremely robust SaphirKeramik continues to push the boundaries – with beautiful results.

This content was published by Azure on behalf of Laufen.

Laufen’s SaphirKeramik Brings New Flexibility – and Beauty – to Bathroom Fixtures

Taking advantage of Laufen’s SaphirKeramik, the Sonar collection breaks new ground in bathroom design.

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