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Founded by Maude Rondeau to fill the gap in the market for high-quality, thoughtfully designed custom lighting, Luminaire Authentik has become an industry leader and a designer favourite thanks to its products’ distinct yet versatile aesthetic.

Luminaire Authentik’s Norvegienne 1708-LA00 pendant lamp in matte off-white installed in a dining room designed by Naturehumaine. Photo by Arm Ronan Meziere

Luminaire Authentik’s creative universe is based in the heart of Québec’s Eastern Townships. Their offices are anchored by a workshop where all the lights are fabricated, as well as an abundant material library and inspiring showroom that is host to many a work session between designers and their clients. Unlike the production-line model that is typical for lighting manufacturers, the company’s lamps are each made by hand in their workshop to create artisanal pieces.

Luminaire Authentik’s Coquelicot 24-LA00 pendant lamps in glossy white installed in a dining room designed by XYZ Contemporaine. Photo by Phil Bernard

This multi-purpose space is not only central to the brand’s operations but also the brand’s values. Maude Rondeau explains that, for her, as an entrepreneur, “authenticity starts with genuine decisions, such as opening a workshop in the middle of the countryside, turning a former a former schoolhouse into a creative space, and then reviving an abandoned 50,000-square-foot building into a lighting factory and design hub.”

coquelicot multi-light by luminaire authentik
Luminaire Authentik’s Coquelicot 11-LA15 multi-light in matte nude installed in a space designed by Bipède. Photo by Raphael Thibodeau

The company is known for the level of personalization it offers to consumers. At every step of the design process is the opportunity to customize to create a completely individual lighting fixture. The brand is known for its on-trend colour palette, which includes two seasonal palettes that are launched every year. These colours are inspired both by trends in fashion and by the natural landscape that surrounds the brand’s headquarters and workshop.

luminaire authentik
Luminaire Authentik’s Copag 05-LA00 pendant lamp in matte white. Photo by Phil Bernard

The company also is making beautiful lighting solutions even more accessible with their Quick Ship Collection for those who can’t wait to bring Luminaire Authentik’s lamps into their spaces. The collection is a beautifully curated selection of some of the brand’s most-loved designs in their most popular colours that are ready to go.

luminaire authentik
Luminaire Authentik’s E-Arch-S-LA40 outdoor lamp in linen. Photo by Les Ensembliers

The brand recently extended its collection by offering outdoor lighting, making Luminaire Authentik a one-stop-shop for your full range of lighting needs. Launched earlier this year, after several rounds of prototyping and just in time for la belle saison, Luminaire Authentik’s outdoor collection offers water-rated lights that are suitable for use throughout all four seasons. The customizable Arch collection allows consumers to add lettering to its clean, minimalist lights to indicate addresses.

luminaire authentik
Luminaire Authentik’s Nomad Opal 12-LA40 and Nomad Opal 07-LA40 outdoor lamps in matte beige. Photo by Jeremy LeChatelier

Though the brand’s operations are centred in the bucolic Eastern Townships, the brand has an international presence and reputation thanks to the quality of its products. This presence has been strengthened by recent showcases, such as the one that took place during the Interior Design Show in Toronto earlier this year.

luminaire authentik
Luminaire Authentik’s Nomad-P-12-LA00 pendant lamp in matte off-white. Photo by Simon Cote

Luminaire Authentik continues to create more opportunities for consumers to experience their lamps in person, with the recent opening of a Queen Street East showroom in Toronto and an expansion of its Montreal showroom. And that’s only the beginning, the brand is planning to launch new Shop-in-Shop store locations across Canada.

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Luminaire Authentik Creates Playful and Personalized Lighting Designs

With a new outdoor collection, a line of ready-to-ship pieces and a recently opened Toronto showroom, there are more ways than ever before to experience Luminaire Authentik’s designed- and made-in-Canada pieces.

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