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Since Moooi began making carpets in 2015, it has been transforming interior spaces (quite literally) from the ground up. Working with a roster of high-calibre designers like Front, Claire Vos, Edward van Vliet and Mae Engelgeer, the Netherlands-based studio helmed by Marcel Wanders takes a hyper-realistic approach to its designs, offering extraordinarily expressive solutions for offices, hotel rooms, restaurants and other high-traffic environments. 

Designed by Sweden’s Front studio, Walking on Clouds is a collage-like assemblage of images of the natural formations from a variety of media.

And with its latest endeavour, the brand known for its “original, unexpected, eclectic, rebellious and sophisticated” furniture, lighting and accessories collections has made it easier to introduce a show-stopping and tailored element into any project. Moooi Carpet Tiles is the result of the studio wanting to explore and push boundaries – in design, technique and sustainability – in order to bring beauty to the contract market. 

Combing repeating lines and gradated tonality, Trichroic Hoxton by Amsterdam-based Rive Roshan brings an optical illusion of movement and depth to interiors.

Utilizing the chromojet printing technology that first inspired Wanders to start making rugs, the portfolio includes some existing and already popular motifs from the Signature rug and broadloom offerings plus a number of brand new alternatives, and the carpet tiles are offered in four material options: low pile polyamide and soft yarn polyamide (both already used for area rugs and broadloom), and two new loop pile qualities suitable for busy public settings called Structura and Flatweave.

Within the kaleidoscopic Papillon by Marcel Wanders, a flutter of butterflies mingles within a garden of full-bloom flowers.

On the sustainability front, the super-durable material selections mean a longer life, which reduces the need for replacement; also, the tiles are laser-cut from broadloom carpet rolls to minimize waste, are manufactured using 100 per cent CO2-neutral wind energy and contain no bitumen, PVC, latex or other substances detrimental to the environment.

Part of the Quiet collection by Moooi, Morning Asphalt is an understatedly elegant and versatile option that helps other elements in a room shine.

Further, Moooi’s carpets are antistatic, sound absorbent and heat-insulating (read energy saving) and two of the material options are backed by 100 per cent recycled PET in an amount that equals a minimum of 50 half-litre plastic bottles per square metre. 

Zigzag by Dutch designer Edward van Vliet features an intricate “webbing” of geometric lines over a field of shifting colourways that can repeat infinitely.

The tiles come in two shapes and sizes – 48-by-48-centiemetre square and 50-by-58.7-centimetre hexagon – in a total of 29 realistic, abstract and more muted styles that create an easy transition between hard, resilient and soft flooring. Each dynamic option can be mixed and matched for custom installations and is available in a wide range of colourways. 

Moooi Brings its Hyper-Realistic Expressions to Contract Interiors

The new Signature Carpet Tiles collection takes creative expression in sophisticated new directions.

We rely on advertising revenue to support the creative content on our site. Please consider whitelisting our site in your settings, or pausing your adblocker while stopping by.