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The hygiene of spaces has long been a concern for designers and consumers alike. In light of developing information, we have seen and continue to see changes in best practices for ventilation systems, furniture layout and material specifications in both commercial and residential applications — all in the interest of keeping each other safe. While the benefits of these developments to public and personal health are plentiful, their aesthetics can leave something to be desired — instances of prioritizing function over form. Neolith’s New Classtone collection is a notable exception in its expert marrying of high-performance qualities and visual mastery.

Countertop in Callcatta Royale from the New Classtone Collection by Neolith.

The New Classtone collection is comprised of eight models, which extend the palette of Neolith’s already best-selling collection. The new additions draw inspiration from distinct natural landscapes from across North America and are exclusively available in North America — allowing designers to integrate specific visual qualities of the outdoors into indoor applications. These new models are evidence of Neolith’s unique ability to adapt to market changes and create region-specific collections.

Wall in Whitehaven from the New Classtone Collection by Neolith.

Made of sintered stone, the collection is extremely durable: all eight models are heat- and scratch-resistant as well as waterproof and bend-resistant. Each of the models comes in 3 thicknesses — 6 mm, 12 mm and 20 mm — making it extremely versatile. With its resiliency and adaptability, the material is well-suited for heavily used surfaces, high-traffic areas and indoor and outdoor applications — from floors to countertops and walls.

Feature wall in San Simone from the New Classtone Collection by Neolith

Importantly, each of the designs in the New Classtone collection is ultra-hygienic and easy to clean. The entire collection is embedded with the revolutionary NeolEAT technology, which was developed by Neolith’s in-house Research Development and Innovation team. NeolEAT prevents the proliferation of a wide range of harmful bacteria, including Listeria and Salmonella. Found in each of the eight models, the technology is an essential asset in preventing the proliferation of food bacteria in the most demanding residential and commercial environments.

Countertop in Niagara from the New Classtone Collection by Neolith.

This myriad of technological advances that make Neolith a perfect choice for those looking for safe, health-conscious materials for their spaces is enhanced by the way each design evokes a natural environment. Niagara’s dark surface with tight, white veining recalls running freshwater breaking at the base of a fall, while the neutral backdrop and soft, billowing veining of Colorado Dunes transports you to the western state’s sandy landscapes. Similarly, Calista, Calacatta Royale, Alexandra, Arabesque, San Simone and Whitehaven each pay homage to particular locales and allow for experiences and memories of those places to be brought home.

Floor and island in Colorado Dunes from the New Classtone Collection by Neolith.

Marrying aesthetics and performance is no easy feat, but Neolith’s New Classtone collection does so with elegance. As designers continue to look for ways to create beautiful and healthful spaces for families and communities while also caring for our environment, materials like Neolith that excel under all three criteria are sure to become staples in our interiors.

Explore Neolith’s New Classtone Collection at www.neolith.com.

This content was published by Azure on behalf of Neolith.

Neolith’s New Classtone Collection Pays Homage to North American Landscapes

Neolith draws inspiration from across the continent to add eight new high-performance models, exclusively designed for the North American market.

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