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Neolith showroom in Castellon

How do you encapsulate the full expanse of a manufacturer’s portfolio in the confines of a single space? It’s the question behind Neolith‘s new HQ Showroom in Castellon, Spain, which showcases the company’s expansive Sintered Stone offerings in a dynamic setting.

Featuring collaborations with industry leaders (Flos, B&B Italia and PITT to name a few) in various in-situ scenes that revel in the surface’s use on floors, walls and ceilings in bathrooms, kitchens, retail environments and even as exterior cladding, the interior deftly marries technical precision with contemporary flourishes to spotlight the panorama of Neolith’s applications. 

Though well-known for their surfacing solutions for kitchens, the new HQ Showroom in Castellon emphasizes the product’s broad range of applications.

Upon entry, a stepped, two-tone bar leverages the deep tones of the jet black Nero Marquina against the subtle texture of New York – New York. Integrated lighting plays off the dramatic white veining that, paired with Flos’ suspended IC Light by Michael Anastassiades, adds a luxe elegance to the entire tableau. 

In the mock kitchen, Neolith’s New York – New York and Amazonico lines are put on full display.

Nearby, the same muted grey finish is used to clad the floor, walls and island of the dramatic kitchen scene. Fitted with the PITT cooking range, the varied patterning of New York – New York brings organic flair to the ultra-modern appliances. (It even encloses the range hood to bring high-design to an often-unsightly feature). The DOCA-designed cabinetry behind, too, features another of Neolith’s latest products: Amazonico. Here, the richly veined surface provides the ideal backdrop to the illuminated glass built-in. 

A custom table by B&B Italia as well as the nearby fireplace both feature Calacatta Luxe to show the varied uses of the company’s sintered stone.
Neolith showroom in Castellon
A collection of nearby furnishings also leverage Neolith’s finishes while exuding a deliberate residential ambiance.

Not to be outdone, the multifunctional room just beyond highlights the Summer Dala iteration of the Dala series — a collection of Scandinavian wood-inspired planks — as it lines the floor in a graphic diagonal pattern. Mixing design services with full-scale mockups (from stair detailing to facade systems and even a sink), visitors can peruse a host of applications before proceeding to the lounge area. 

Further illustrating the adaptability of Neolith’s portfolio — the fireplace, for instance, is trimmed in Calacatta Luxe which can also be used as a dynamic floor treatment — the lounge is anchored by a custom B&B Italia table with a central insert featuring Sintered Stone. Framed by travertine-look walls and an angular bookcase — all trimmed in finishes by the manufacturer — the space spotlights the seemingly endless flexibility of Neolith’s products.  

The ultra-modern BBQ features glass supports in combination with Neolith’s Sofia Curprum and Arctic White surfaces.

As outdoor spaces become increasingly important in the ongoing pandemic reality, the showroom follows suit with a raised al fresco tableau for designers seeking durable, long-lasting finishes for a variety of climates. Resembling thick wood planks, Neolith’s La Boheme wraps the podium while Sofia Cuprum (inspired by industrial steel) and Arctic White (a crisp, high gloss sheath) clad the sleek barbecue unit; its cubic, cantilevered form extends to create a bar top surrounded by charming woven poufs.

Formafantasma’s Wirering sconce gives a “palatial flourish” when paired with the gestural veining of Mar del Plata.

However, the most enveloping move is saved for the bathroom. In the heart of the showroom, the expressive Mar del Plata wraps almost every surface — its rhythmic white veining dancing over the vanity, concealed cabinetry and tub enclosure that surrounds a luxurious Jacuzzi hydro massage soaker. Elegant brass mixers, faucets and more lighting by Flos give the cool grey tones a refined edge. Alongside illustrating Neolith’s “360 approach to design,” the space demonstrates the unparalleled flexibility (and style) of these surfacing solutions. 

Recalling marble and terrazzo, Mont Blanc and Retrostone elevate the retail presentation space at Neolith's showroom
Recalling marble and terrazzo, Mont Blanc and Retrostone elevate the retail presentation space.

While Baradiaran’s design provides ample room to explore residential applications, a mock fashion boutique puts Neolith’s commercial potential on full display. Emphasizing craft and refinement, the airy installation uses the Carrara marble-look Mont Blanc along a central fixture in combination with bands of the terrazzo-inspired Retrostone on the floor and wall to elevate the pseudo-retail environ with the ambience of a “voguish Parisian couturier.”

Ultimately, it’s a testament to the strength of Neolith’s diverse portfolio, brought together in a comprehensive and immersive environment that quite literally transports guests. Now, all that’s left is to book an appointment. 

This content was published by Azure on behalf of Neolith.

Neolith’s New Spanish Showroom Celebrates Versatility in Style

Helmed by in-house designer Giuliana Barandiaran, the company’s latest space in Castellon highlights its diverse array of surfaces and finishes in a strikingly immersive environment.

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