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House clad in NewTechWood siding

Not all building materials are created equal. While some have the advantage of being financially accessible, they sometimes fail to perform to the level of their more expensive counterparts. In the process of selecting the perfect building material for a project, cost-efficiency and longevity are key.

Working with composite is easy; panels are durable and can be installed in a snap using standard timber tools.

Since 2010, NewTechWood has been working on formulating the best composite wood product in the industry. After spending years engineering and field testing their innovative material, the company has devised a wall covering that — unlike natural wood — is resistant to stains and fading and doesn’t require any oil or paint.

When it comes to design, display plays just as much a role as materials and colours. The original fluted siding of NTW Canada can be installed almost anywhere.

Composite lumber has a texture and colour that mimics natural wood — with no compromise on style. And although fluted wood siding is certainly surging in popularity, it’s far from being just a fad trend. The style is inspired by mid-century modern designs, but it also brings warmth and texture to more contemporary exteriors — allowing for a welcome respite from the concrete and glass that make up many new façades.

NewTechWood Canada’s siding and wall accents are safe inside houses and buildings. They do not produce health-damaging air particles.

NewTechWood’s Ultrashield technology guarantees a long life with low maintenance. This means UV protection, tolerance to extreme cold and an impermeable protective barrier against moisture and corrosion — all under a 25-year warranty. The process of fabricating the resistant wood composite is as simple as it is astute. This protective layer made of polymer completely wraps the board, providing 360-degree protection — yes, even in the grooves.

Bathroom with wall made of NewTechWood fluted siding
The Ultrashield Technology makes NTW Canada‘s products withstand high-moisture environments such as bathrooms and indoor pools.

Two models are available: the Norwegian with thin strips and the Belgian, with larger strips. Once you choose your favourite, it’s time to select a colour from NewTechWood’s array of stunning hues. The fluted siding is available in seven colourways: Brazilian Ipe, Peruvian Teak, Antique, Australian Red Cedar, Silver Gray, Hawaiian Charcoal and Ebony.

Fluted composite cladding is the best, almost maintenance-free alternative to regular wood for siding, privacy walls, ceilings and soffits.

NewTechWood’s composite wood does not produce any hazardous chemicals — so it’s safe to use both outdoors and indoors. In fact, it can even withstand high-moisture indoor environments, such as bathrooms or indoor pool and the salty air of the fabulous British-Colombia coastline.

Decorating a fireplace with fluted panels is also possible, as long as safety clearances are respected. Each product is made from 95 per cent recycled material — including plastic bottles and reclaimed wood fibres. And because NewTechWood handles the entire recycling process themselves, nothing extraneous ends up in the finished product.  

House clad in NewTechWood siding
Fluted panels are trendy in custom wall siding and exterior/interior accents around properties and commercial installations. Composite wood comes with a 25-year warranty.

Designed to be used as a rain screen, the cladding can be installed quickly and easily, using standard timber tools. The fluted siding panels can be positioned vertically and horizontally, in any configuration, for accent walls, privacy walls, ceilings and soffits — ideal for vintage-inspired designs. Effortless and sleek, it’s a solution that benefits designers, clients and builders alike — and one that is sure to make a lasting impression.

This content was published by Azure on behalf of NewTechWood.

NewTechWood’s Fluted Wood Siding Showcases New Possibilities in Composite Wood

These sophisticated fluted panels create elegant exterior and interior walls that are virtually maintenance-free.

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