These Office Desks Can Transform a Workspace

These Office Desks Can Transform a Workspace

Workspaces have become less static, but there is still a need for office desks where you can stay put. Here are four options that can work in spaces of all shapes and sizes.


The office desks of ACTIU's Twist can accommodate large-staffed workspaces.

Twist by ACTIU

For spaces that need to accommodate a large staff, this kit-of-parts system features a central steel frame and slender legs that each attach with a single screw. Workstations can be configured in a variety of ways, and placed on an angle for an open flow of communication, while filing benches, privacy panels and integrated power enhance the configurations.


The usage of the Expansion Cityline by Teknion is only limited by your imagination.

2 Expansion Cityline by Teknion

Incorporating everything from hot-desking and head-down work to collaborations – even casual lounge zones – this system is limited only by the imagination. The customizable nature of its design means it can fit easily into existing spaces or be reformatted as needs change. Coordinating accessories like movable whiteboards and screens, shelving, and freestanding tables add to its versatility.


Wing by True Design is reminiscent of a library table.

Wing by True Design

Reminiscent of a library table (though one where you won’t be shushed for talking), this expansive desktop by Parisotto+Formenton is a fuss-free locale for gathering. Sawhorse-style legs leave ample space below, while the magnetized central channel can be equipped with a brass overhead reading lamp (shown), or fabric acoustic dividers; it can also be fitted to supply power to mobile devices. Shown in walnut; oak and white-lacquered versions are also available.


Studio Table by HBF taps into the Shaker aesthetic.

Studio Table by HBF

Tapping into the ever-popular Shaker aesthetic, Studio Gorm presents a standing desk that emphasizes the beauty in utility. Its simple lines mean Studio Table can fit into most environments where the look is Scandi, from meeting rooms and lounges to cafés and kitchens. Its tiered surfaces provide both a workstation and storage, while a central split lets cords and cables access the optional outlets below.

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