Pitch Black: Peaked Roof Houses with Dark Cladding

Pitch Black: Peaked Roof Houses with Dark Cladding

Pitched roof houses with black cladding are popping up around the globe. Here are just a few of the best examples we’ve spotted recently.

Grand Pic Chalet by Appareil Architecture

Clad in sleek black corrugated metal, this pair of cabins in the Quebec wilderness is linked by a cedar walkway. Designed by Appareil Architecture to disappear into the densely forested site, the larger structure features an open-plan living area, with a Russian plywood-wrapped interior, where the owners can host large gatherings of family and friends.


Aframe Rehab by Subtraction by Jean Verville

After the success of his AZ Award-winning Fahouse – a dramatic, asymmetrical take on the classic A-frame, clad in black steel – it’s no surprise that Quebec architect Jean Verville would return to the typology. For this revitalization of a cottage in the Laurentian Mountains, Verville gutted the interior and created an all-white space that starkly contrasts with the black-stained cedar shingle siding. A lower-level living space has been converted to a screened porch, with the living room floating above.



The Chapel of Silence by Studio Associates

Perched above a valley in Brescia, Italy, this tiny sanctuary, designed by Studio Associates, is a place for worship, silence, and prayer, in a community whose members come from a variety of religious backgrounds. The chapel’s black bitumen-coated wood cladding also lines the three-by-six-metre interior, which opens with an iron frame and black curtain that allows for the space to be joined with the elements or closed for privacy. Positioned between a forest and a vineyard, the structure is complemented by a monolithic rainwater collector, sculpted from local pale marble.


Mountain Cottage by HOLA Design

For this lakeside cottage in Poland, Warsaw studio HOLA Design chose a unique pattern of black aspen shingles that was inspired by local building traditions. The residence features ample glazing, with sliding floor-to-ceiling windows that not only make the most of a stunning view – which includes direct sight lines to two historic castles – but allow the interior to open up to the outdoors.


Mountaineer’s Refuge by Gonzalo Iturriaga Arquitectos

Hovering over the dusty terrain in the Chilean Andes, this simple haven is a place for hikers to recharge after a day of roaming the ranges. Santiago firm Gonzalo Iturriaga Arquitectos was asked for a structure that incorporated basic comforts, including a kitchen, bath and bedroom. They chose to drape these spaces with a complex arrangement of angles and planes, creating a surprisingly complex roof that gives the cabin a unique character on each side.

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