5 Smart Products For Adaptable Workspaces

5 Smart Products For Adaptable Workspaces
Bento by Dataflex

Today’s offices continue to move away from the traditional assigned desk arrangement and towards flexible, transitional and untethered locations. From open-plan spaces to cafés and lobbies, adaptable workspaces are fast becoming the norm. Last week at Orgatec, Europe’s largest contract trade fair, top brands debuted products large and small that let people work anywhere – and any way they want to.


Screen by Lapalma
With the proliferation of open-plan offices came an abundance of privacy screens, providing acoustical and visual buffers. Francesco Rota’s partitions for Italian brand Lapalma stylishly demarcate break-out, meeting and lounge areas without being monolithic. The freestanding pieces feature aluminum frames with gently rounded corners, and either perforated metal, wood tube or upholstery panels. Two heights are available, for seated and standing setups.




Cellular by Brunner
Highly changeable, this modular system comprises three basic pieces: a seat, a surface and a privacy partition. The triangular formation of the cells can be enlarged and reconfigured to meet the changing needs of a flexible office, creating a destination for concrete work, or a more open spot for meetings. Seating options include a single chair, armchair and three-seater sofa, with tables set for working either seated or at standing height.



Bento by Dataflex
This sleek series of desktop accessories improve ergonomics, while providing a little personal space in shared-desk environments. The open-base monitor stand can be set at various heights to place the screen at a level that doesn’t put a strain on the neck, and also frees up surface space. Tucked underneath, the toolbox can hold personal items and also functions as a stand for laptops, tablets or notebooks.



Attach by Lammhults
By using gravity to hold it in place, this table requires no screws, fasteners or glue – meaning it can be taken apart or made larger or smaller at will. Designed by Troels Grum-Schwensen, the frame and leg system is made from recycled aluminum that supports a multitude of tabletop sizes (including custom). The legs click into the under-mount frame at any point along the span, so their positions can accommodate different chair widths and seating arrangments without interfering with comfort. Standard surface materials include high-pressure laminate, ash veneer and linoleum.




Lapse by InClass
Intended for such public spaces as waiting areas and hotel lobbies, this modular seating system encourages impromptu work sessions or meetings, but is also a comfortable spot to simply take a break. The series includes two- and three-seater sofas (on steel or wood legs) as well as privacy panels and side tables, and can be wired with power outlets. The flat-top backrests act as perches for small items.

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