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Samsung TV

Home entertainment is an art form. And, it’s one that Samsung knows well. From the latest ultra large-screens that mimic canvases to sculptural free-standing Smart TVs, Samsung is a global leader in luxury systems that don’t sacrifice style or substance. As we brace for the winter months ahead, preparing to spend more time indoors, these sartorial and residentially-minded solutions bring immersive experiences, superb visuals and groundbreaking technology to the home.

Soon to be available on the Canadian market, The Premiere deftly combines minimal aesthetics with outstanding performance. The highly adaptable, all-white projector is equipped with a softened front panel wrapped in Kvadrat fabric to give the sleek unit a distinctly sculptural feel — at home on any ledge, table, shelf or credenza.

Samsung TV

However, this treatment is as much about technical precision as it is about appearance. The Premiere is designed with an ultra-short-throw meaning that, while standard projectors require a distance of 3 to 4 metres from a vertical surface to create a suitably sized image, The Premiere can be placed directly in front of a wall — only requiring between 11.3 and 30.3 centimetres of space — to create a vivid screen of up to 130 inches. Paired with integrated premium speakers and woofers, the game-changing unit also boosts the colour of the image. This means that anything from a striking sunset or rocky dunes to a swirling abstract painting is brought to life in an immersive fashion, all without the need to completely rearrange your furniture. 

In addition to mobile projectors with adaptable screen quality and size, Samsung has also brought its signature style to a range of televisions. With 8K resolution, 8K upscaling, an adaptive picture that automatically adjusts to varying light conditions through a built-in sensor and so much more, the QLED 8K marries progressive technology with timeless aesthetics. Cutting-edge quantum dot technology creates true-to-life tones while its infinity screen design features a barely visible bevel resulting in a high-quality edge-to-edge image. The QLED 8K can even become a unique work of art in its own right, thanks to the integrated Ambient Mode +, which conveniently relays information or images while effortlessly melding with any interior scheme.

Boasting 4K resolution and approximately 8 million pixels, the recently announced MicroLED is another groundbreaking — and breathtaking — option for those interested in an ultra large-screen system. Providing the inaugural MicroLED experience in a traditional television, Samsung’s design brings any scene to life in brilliant detail through its 99.99% screen-to-body ratio. Without the need for layers of backlight and colour filters (as well as the removal of the bevel edge), the system’s ultra-slim appearance gives it the impression of a grand wall-mounted canvas. The integrated majestic sound system offers 5.1 channel audio without the need for external speakers, allowing the unit to easily transition from a stunning work of art to a luxurious home theatre at a moment’s notice.

Samsung Serif smart TV

Samsung’s The Serif is a paired-back product that complements any space with its minimal flair. Yet, as opposed to its wall-mounted sibling, the Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec-designed Smart TV is meant to be viewed from all angles. Surrounded by a thin white frame with a subtle rolled profile (also offered with a detachable stand), it effortlessly blends into its immediate setting. Regardless of where it’s placed, The Serif is a unique objet d’art highlighting the technological prowess Samsung is known for.

From the Living Room to the Wardrobe, Samsung Reinvents Home Tech with Serious Style
Samsung brings together innovation, functionality and striking aesthetic quality in its appliances for everyday living.

Rounding out the brand’s expansive portfolio is The Frame: an exceptional product that doubles as an art gallery. Designed by Yves Behar, the unit boasts a minimal frame containing a QLED screen that can be wall-mounted or set on a freestanding graphic base with splayed legs. When paired with Samsung’s Art Store, The Frame also turns any homeowner into a collector, presenting an assortment of curated artworks from institutions across the world. It’s brightness and motion sensors automatically adapt the on-screen colour to match changing light conditions and even turn the entire television off when a viewer is absent.

Together, these diverse products make a graceful addition to any domestic space (they include a comprehensive fitness platform with over 5,000 hours of wellness content for at-home exercise). While we eagerly await a return to bustling movie theatres, Samsung’s expansive, cutting-edge and — most importantly — stylish portfolio is ready to transform any residence into a luxurious state-of-the-art cinema. In other words, it’s a stylish collection of innovative home entertainment systems that seamlessly — and elegantly — elevates the art of living. 

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Samsung Elevates the Art of Home Entertainment with Innovative Style

Whether it’s immersive large-format screens or sculptural systems, the global brand’s luxury Smart TVs are redefining the home theatre.

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