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Samsung space monitor, home office

The workspace is evolving. In 2019, growing technological sophistication is complemented by a cultural shift toward more flexible working conditions and open communication. The cubicle-walled offices of the past are turning into more versatile contemporary spaces that accommodate remote employees and today’s increasingly collaborative work culture. Samsung corporate display solutions are deftly combining the latest in technology with a design sensibility that fosters seamless information sharing and enhanced communication.

Samsung, Flip Display, Samsung Canada

“The acceleration of technology over the last ten years has made it more accessible for more people,” says Nicole Verkindt, Founder + CEO of OMX, highlighting Samsung touch screens and tablets as “my favourite tech products that have been released in the last few years.” As the tech shift intensifies, “we’re experiencing a massive cultural shift towards everyday people being able to connect and work, both in office and remotely, much easier,” Verkindt stresses. New display technology is designed with evolving workplace communication and culture in mind, with industry-leading aesthetics and a laudable focus on workplace health and culture.

Fostering on-site collaboration the Samsung Flip interactive LED touch display offers unprecedented degree of versatility. A 55″ 4K display means the digital flipchart provides unparalleled clarity, allowing up to 4 people to make annotations at the same time.


Transforming any space into a meeting room, the highly mobile design allows the screen to be moved easily and used in a horizontal, or vertical configuration, expanding the boundaries of the cooperative, integrated office.

The combination of space-saving functionality and ergonomic design is also exemplified in the latest monitor from Samsung – the Space Monitor. A simple, yet highly versatile, monitor arm allows the screen to be stored flat against the wall when not in use, maximizing available desk space and ultimately increasing the number of employees and desk configurations that can be accommodated in an office space. Complementing the improved workspace versatility, the Space Monitor also allows each user precise customization of screen height and angle, making for an exceptionally comfortable work experience.

Samsung, Space Monitor

To facilitate open communication and demonstrate a tech-equipped environment, meant to impress both prospective and new employees and clients, many are turning to the Samsung Video Wall display. A video wall provides a highly versatile system of slim, adaptable monitors to create immersive displays. The combination of exceptionally narrow bezels, a 4K display, and industry-leading colour accuracy and brightness, facilitates the creation of eye-catching displays in a variety of contexts. For companies looking to make an even more impactful first impression, Samsung offers LED screens which can be placed in stunning configurations including ceilings and rounded walls. Fostering open and immediate communication, these corporate displays can cultivate a sense of transparency, translating into a more communal work culture.

Samsung, LED Wall, Samsung Canada

Moreover, the strategic placement of large format displays around the office, further keeps employees informed and establishes a common base from which ideas and collaboration can grow. The content can be update easily by designated internal communication officers.

While Samsung is well-established as a leader in communication technology, the application of smart displays into the corporate environment deftly integrates technical – and aesthetic – excellence with commitments to improving workplace health, culture, and communication. By fostering comfort and collaboration, Samsung innovations position companies to attract and retain talent, while improving communication flows.

“As the population ages, attracting smart millennials is becoming a higher priority than ever before,” Verkindt concludes. “Companies need to leverage new hardware and tools, as well as focusing on digitizing your processes – this will ultimately make things more efficient, make your company more competitive and guarantee you’re attracting the strongest talent; which is the strongest asset as we move into a knowledge based culture.”

This content was published by Azure on behalf of Samsung Electronics Canada.

Samsung Smart Office Displays Expand Horizons of Workplace Collaboration in Canada

Samsung office displays are transforming the modern workplace.

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