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Design doesn’t end at the drafting desk. After the vision for a project takes shape, bringing it to reality inevitably poses new challenges — and opportunities. From supply chain and sourcing to product compatibility and specialized installation, the technical and logistical complexities of construction can make or break a project. Bringing ordering, product expertise, and technical support under one roof, CertainTeed‘s complete solutions approach to each project helps close these gaps, ensuring smoother — and more elegant — results.

Continuous Linear Grilles create visual continuity at the Hub on Campus Limestone in Lexington, Kentucky. PHOTO: Kevin Kaminski

A leading North American manufacturer, CertainTeed offers a family of interior and exterior building products that includes drywall, insulation, gypsum, ceilings and roofing, as well as a wide range of trims, railings and more. Drawing on over 80 years of history, the Canadian company’s expansive product selection and carefully tailored approach ensures that each system is engineered to work specifically with other building components for a simplified, error-free process. Consider CertainTeed’s expansive range of ceilings and walls, which combines a dedication to design vision with unparalleled acoustic performance. Thanks to its single-source, complete solutions approach, CertainTeed streamlines complex projects with a single point of contact, from start to finish.

Custom Acoustic Ceiling Clouds accent a communal room at Fordham University’s School of Law. PHOTO: Paul Warchol Photography

It shows in the results. Complementing a wealth of expertly executed commercial projects and multi-family residential developments, CertainTeed Architectural Products are distinguished by an eye-catching selection of ceilings and walls. From the free-hanging acoustic clouds that accent a communal space at New York’s Fordham University Law School to the warm wood ceiling panels at the Calgary International Airport, the evidence of a detail-oriented, design-centred approach spans the continent — at all scales.

A wood ceiling treatment creates a soothing ambiance at Calgary International Airport. PHOTO: Jeffrey Totaro

On Montreal’s Nuns’ Island, the Île des Sœurs Golf Chalet is a standout in form and function. Designed by Architecture49, the recreational complex is elevated by sleek blonde wood finishes indoors and outside.

Blonde wood finishes set the tone at Architecture49’s Île des Sœurs Golf Chalet. PHOTO: Stephane Brugger

Throughout the tastefully minimal complex, CertainTeed’s acoustic ceilings foster a calm and soothing ambiance while the seamless indoor/outdoor transition belies a technically complex build. Here, CertainTeed’s tailored precision resulted in a wood linear grille ceiling that was custom-toned to match the millwork on the building’s exterior, bringing an uncompromising design vision to reality.

A wavy acoustic ceiling draws the eye at the Grove City Library in Columbus, Ohio. PHOTO: Studio 66 LLC

The same attention to detail and quality is evident throughout the company’s work, whether in a public library in Columbus, Ohio, where a wood veneer-clad metal ceiling creates playful waves across the space overhead, or the seat of municipal government in Moscow, Russia, where a showpiece fiberglass baffle ceiling accents the grand assembly room. And it doesn’t stop at ceilings and walls: The same philosophy guides every CertainTeed project, from an intimate residential deck to grand-scale institutional buildings.

Inside Moscow’s municipal chambers. PHOTO: Olga Melekestseva

Building responsibly is essential to building well. A holistic focus on sustainability also defines the company’s operations — starting with the sourcing of raw materials and extending through to a full life-cycle assessment of every product. From efficient, long-lasting building envelopes to healthier indoor spaces, CertainTeed is committed to creating better living environments, every step of the way. 

Lead image by Stephane Brugger.

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The leading manufacturer’s holistic approach ensures a streamlined construction process and standout results.

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