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LG Signature Kitchen, island bar in centre of kitchen

Better cooking is possible through better thinking. This simple dictum inspired a groundbreaking new collection of luxury built-in appliances; the Signature Kitchen Suite. A global leader in both electronics and home appliances, LG has leveraged its unique R&D and production capabilities to introduce a line of appliances that artfully marries technology with functionally sophisticated design.

Now available in Ontario, the Signature Kitchen Suite includes professional-grade ranges, wall ovens, cooktops, ventilation, refrigerators and wine columns, as well as microwaves and dishwashers. While simple yet high-end finishes lend the appliances an understated elegance, the Wi-Fi enabled collection also ushers in cutting-edge connectivity and convenience.

Full view LG Signature Kitchen, Country Lifestyle

With the touch of a button on the Signature Kitchen Suite App – available for Android and iOS devices – the smart controls allow appliances to be monitored and controlled remotely. Whether preheating the oven while stuck in traffic or tasking the freezer to make extra ice ahead of a party, the technological innovation thoughtfully integrates immersive culinary experiences into the busy realities of 21st-century life.

But there’s much more to it than mobile connectivity. While the App offers vital flexibility on the go, each element of the Signature Kitchen Suite is carefully designed to prepare – and maintain – the highest quality of food.

Closer view LG Signature Kitchen Country Lifestyle stove

Consider the marquee 48-inch Dual-Fuel Pro Range. Combining an electric oven with a gas range, the model incorporates the first built-in sous vide on the market. What’s more, the versatile range incorporates the functions of multiple appliances, including an 18-inch steam oven, a combi-steam oven and an induction cooktop. But the versatility does not come at the expense of quality, with each element designed to meet professional standards – and stand up to heavy use.

Close up view LG Signature Kitchen Country Lifestyle stove range knobs

The Signature Kitchen Suite refrigerators and freezers are every bit as impressive. From a showpiece French Door fridge optimized to minimize internal temperature fluctuations – and preserve fresh food – to an eye-catching column wine fridge calibrated for precise wine preservation, LG’s best-in-class refrigerators combine innovative technical features with exceptional spatial efficiency.

LG Signature Kitchen Country Lifestyle, open fridge

“Marrying LG’s reliability and innovation with beautiful, and functional design, we are bringing an all new experience designed for today’s home chef,” says LG’s Ashley Audisho. “We’re proud to be part of the journey that good food takes to get to the plate. With each step deserving the utmost respect, our Signature Kitchen Suite serves as the last important step that food takes before it arrives to the table.” 

Wide full view of LG Signature Kitchen Country Lifestyle, with dining area

The deft fusion of performance, design and precision elevates the whole of the Signature Kitchen Suite. While the impressive ranges and refrigerators make for a pièce de résistance in any kitchen, the same qualities define the entire collection. From ventilators to microwaves and dishwashers, every part of the culinary process is embraced with the same passion for food – and innovation.

This content was published by Azure on behalf of Signature Kitchen Suite.

Signature Kitchen Suite Embraces Culinary Technology

The App-enabled collection integrates technology with functionally sophisticated design – and a passion for food.

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