6 Door Handles with Personality

6 Door Handles with Personality

These six levers – by Ize, Manital, Olivari and more – have inspirational origins, from hex wrenches to bicycle grips.


1  Hex by Ize
London-based Canadian designer Philippe Malouin created this industrial-look lever after finding inspiration in the similarity between a hex wrench, or Allen key, and a door handle.  $400


2  Pop Gum by Enrico Cassina
The bicycle-grip covers of this piece are interchangeable, and available in six bright colours with co­ordin­at­ing doorstops.  $90


3  Saturn by Manital
Made up of an outer ring and an inner disc, Manital’s planet-inspired rosette is paired with a simple lever. It comes in several finishes, with leather or Swarovski crystal accents.  Price on request


4  B. Clear by 12th Avenue Iron
Architect Tom Kundig’s latest door pull combines blackened steel pipe with a resin grip the colour of root beer. It’s also sold in stainless steel and bronze.  $1,850


5  Crystal by Olivari
Marcel Wanders follows up his 2014 Dolce Vita handle for Olivari with this gem, half in brass, half in crystal glass. It comes in chrome, super-gold or super-anthracite, with the glass in three cuts.  $290


6  Q-wing by Quincalux
The motion of a hawk’s wings informed the shape and inclined angle of this lever. Finishes include matte black or white.  $600

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