Four Fab Speakers

Four Fab Speakers

With Bluetooth and Airplay now in the mainstream, these speakers – by Dre, Libratone and more – have joined the band with cutting-edge design. 

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1  Beats by Dre

Portability makes the latest Bluetooth-ready wireless speaker from Beats by Dre a standout. The Pill can pump out 105-decibel sound, yet it fits in your pocket. Available in 11 colourways.  $220

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2  OD-11 by Teenage Engineering

This tabletop beauty by Teenage Engineering outputs four-channel sound for a true surround experience. Soon to launch worldwide later this year, OD‑11 has a built-in computer drive, which means it still plays even if you lose your smart phone.  From $900

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3  Beolab 12 speakers by Bang & Olufsen

Artist Miya Ando, known for her minimalist paintings on plates of anodized aluminum recently applied her gradient technique to B&O’s Beolab 12 speakers. The limited edition trios can be hung from the wall for an elegant display.  From $3,500

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4  Loop by Libratone

With its various woolly colour options, Loop can easily be mistaken for a chapeau. The Airplay-enabled speaker in the round makes a statement, whether mounted on the wall or on its own stand.  $500

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