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The office is officially undergoing a residential renaissance. Indeed, the cubicled workspace envisioned by Robert Propst has, in recent years, transitioned into something that might resemble Robert Propst’s 1960s-era home: offices are becoming greener, thanks to the growing prominence with biophilic design. Open-concept design has given way to a blend of private and public – features one might find in residences. Even Mid-Century Modern design, an ever-present force in commercial furniture, has made its way into the workplace.

And that’s where Teknion’s beautiful new Punt Collection comes in.

Borne of the brand’s new partnership with Spanish furniture company Punt Mobles – which was revealed just prior to NeoCon 2018 – Teknion announced that it is manufacturing four popular Punt wood product lines in North America. The Teknion Punt Collection for North America includes the Literatura Open Shelf System, Mava Wood Guest Chair, Mitis Table and Stockholm Credenza – more on each in a moment.

Ami Kvas, Teknion’s Director Product Management, Casegoods and Custom Solutions, tells Azure that the collection will be manufactured in the high-end Teknion Solutions facility in Calgary, which will provide shorter lead times for buyers. She expect the line to impress. “Rich in design culture, Punt embraces a new kind of sophistication in the quality and combination of materials used, along with precise styling in its contemporary furniture,” she says. “Our level of attention and skill align perfectly with the values of Punt.”

For Punt Mobles, a brand reputed for its minimal office, hospitality and residential pieces, the feeling is mutual. “We recognize Teknion as the ideal partner, and fully capable of producing our signature wood products centered around art and design,” said Mariano Soria, CEO at Punt Mobles. “Teknion shares with us the same high level of care required to execute Punt’s design details and level of skilled craftsmanship.”

That level of craftsmanship, adds Kvas, is achieved by employing “some of the best” Red Seal-certified cabinetmakers in the industry. “Finding the balance of using state-of-the-art equipment while never sacrificing the human component of care and attention to detail,” she says, “has been key to producing custom and production products with the highest-level quality and craft.”

Punt, with its distinctly Mid-Century Modern aesthetic, is for private offices and meeting spaces to personalize, complement or transition a work environment. Here’s a closer look at the collection.


Literatura Open Shelf System

Designed by Vicent Martinez, Literatura is an open bookcase featuring a small, distinctive storage unit on casters ideal for displaying works of art, music, photos, souvenirs and what-nots. Inspired by La Literatura – Martinez’s award-winning 1985 design, which is on display at museums world-over –

the Open Shelf Systems integrates with all kinds of architecture and interior design works. This “light, balanced collection of cubby holes,” says Punta Mobles, can also be used as a room partition.


Mava Wood Guest Chair

Designed by Berlin-based industrial designer Stephanie Jasny, Mava is an elegant wooden armchair with a solid oak or walnut wood frame. Inspired by the image of original wooden clothes-pegs from the early 20th century, its legs are similarly slotted to hold the backrest, which has a wide, open form that seems to fly in the wind like a piece of cloth. Its light appearance makes it the perfect guest chair by bringing a unique element of warmth to smaller spaces.


Mitis Table

Mitis, from the Latin word for lightweight, is a collection of rectangular wood tables. The tables, designed by celebrated Alicante, Spain designer Mario Ruiz, is available with an optional glass top that offers a natural, essential and consistent expression. Mitis offers a solid appearance and exquisite detail both in the tabletop and trestle-like grooved legs. Tables are available in three heights and widths to accommodate both private offices and large meeting rooms.


Stockholm Credenza

Also designed by Ruiz, Stockholm conveys sophistication with its combination of wood and metal materials. For a lighter appearance there is a metal base. Or, Stockholm can be mounted to the wall. The credenza doors and drawers are without handles, showcasing the beauty and natural appearance of the wood grain as it flows across the storage fronts. Stockholm is finished with an elegant anodized aluminum top, which features precise styling and balanced radii.

This content was published by Azure on behalf of Teknion.
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