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Barrels of Bowmore Timeless

Genius Loci. To distillers and designers alike, the essence of a place is foundational to whatever springs from it — be it architecture or spirit. It’s a notion that takes on almost mythic qualities on the Scottish island of Islay, where the famed Bowmore distillery creates whiskies that evoke the peaty, salt-water-kissed landscape in every dram. But bottling the island’s rich, subtly smoky mineral aromas is no mean feat. Now, the historic distillery is celebrating another elemental ingredient that brings out Bowmore‘s refined Islay flavours: Time.

As part of a global campaign dubbed the Art of Time, Bowmore has collaborated with acclaimed French film director and artist, Thomas Vanz, paying homage to the artistic craft of whisky and whisky-making with a striking multi-media campaign — and unparalleled single malt expressions.

As the oldest licensed distillery on Islay, Bowmore is no stranger to the subtle gifts of age. Founded in 1779, Bowmore has honed the art of whisky over a 240-year history. Throughout its rich history, the distillery has refined its proprietary malt barns and hand-turned barley with perfectly timed fermentation periods and carefully hand-selected casks, making for whiskies that age like no other. It’s a history that culminates in the new Bowmore Timeless Series, with the eponymous Bowmore Timeless 27 Year Old whisky — offered in two unique expressions — now sold in Canada with only 3,000 bottles available.

Matured in Sherry and ex-Bourbon casks for 15 years before being carefully moved into first-fill Oloroso butts for another 12, the new Bowmore Timeless single malt is bottled at cask strength. Epitomizing the distinctive Bowmore character, the single-malt offers up fruity flavours, combined with rich Sherry and a nod to fresh leather, tobacco and beeswax. A rich auburn colour in the glass, the 27-year-old whisky finishes in a bouquet of burnt wood notes, with hints of dark chocolate and a touch of frankincense.

For Vanz, the art of whisky proved fertile inspiration. “The artistry involved in the whisky making process is fascinating and provided me with rich and vivid inspiration to create my own unique interpretation,” he says. “Through my work, I focused on capturing a galaxy of beautiful chemical reactions to represent the whisky making process, which is made up of complex movement and colours.”

Bowmore Timeless

It’s a process that is captured in art — and in every glass. But while the exclusive Bowmore Timeless Series whisky is available in highly limited quantities, the same spirit of patience and refinement defines the whole of Bowmore’s single malt portfolio. From the citrus and honey notes of the Bowmore 12 to the chocolate and raisin aromas of the Bowmore 15 and the unmistakable sweet fruit, toffee and spices of the Bowmore 18, the sinuously smooth processes captured in Vanz’s art are reflected in every Bowmore expression.

Bowmore Timeless

For the lucky few able to enjoy the Bowmore Timeless 27 Year Old, the whisky’s design and presentation becomes part of the process. Inspired by the classic hourglass shape, each edition is housed in a distinctive black box. Inside, the bottle sits alongside an hourglass, which once turned offers three precious minutes to enjoy the nose of a beautifully balanced yet complex masterpiece that has taken decades to perfect. And when the hourglass empties, the unforgettable taste of the Islay landscape — and of history — awaits.

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The Art of Time: Bowmore Celebrates History with Art (and Whisky)

The singular Bowmore Timeless Series inspires a striking multi-media campaign from filmmaker and artist Thomas Vanz.

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