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Azure Magazine November December 2022 Cover: The Residential Interiors Issue

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The new BOMMA Atelier is no conventional showroom. Infused with rich jewel tones and warm walnut accents, the retro interior is more evocative of an impeccably curated apartment than a retail space — and that’s no coincidence. The Czech brand’s new outpost was designed for more than just perusing their collection of crystal lighting: it’s a place to find inspiration, spark dialogue and forge connections with local partners and the public.

A residential building may seem an unusual choice for a showroom location, but Prague’s historical Diamond House reflects the brand’s traditional roots. Though BOMMA got its start in 2012, the company harnesses centuries-old Czech glassmaking techniques to elevate its expertly crafted contemporary lighting offerings. Designed by architect Emil Králíček in 1912 — and originally owned by writer, journalist and politician Adolf Hoffmeister — the cubist residence is itself embedded in Prague’s cultural history.

Stepping inside is like stepping back in time. Past a restored entry foyer, a wood-accented stairway — with a striking pop of teal walls — introduces the distinctive design language that defines the showroom upstairs. A refreshing departure from today’s ubiquitous white-walled open concept showrooms, BOMMA Atelier is instead conceived as a bespoke series of intimate spaces, each with their own unique character and charm. Throughout, custom-built furnishings are integrated with antique pieces that highlight the BOMMA products, while showcasing new visions for the future of interior design.

Upstairs, vibrant coral and sienna walls are illuminated by BOMMA’s bulbous Blimp and Lantern pendants, setting the tone for the rest of the showroom. The main living space is outfitted with a wooden dining table by Agapecasa and vintage mid-century dining chairs (which were refurbished with Metaphores fabrics). Here, BOMMA’s Lens pendant takes centre stage, with its 42 white and amber bulbs adding to the retro flair.

To create the distinct ambiance, BOMMA partnered with Italian designer Sophie Wannenes of PalermoUno. Born to a family of antique dealers for five generations, Wannenes’ historically attuned sensibility rendered her uniquely qualified to helm the project. Taking inspiration from stage design, Wannenes leveraged bold colours and elegant contrasts to create a space that feels warm, inviting and distinctly residential.

“Her characteristically Italian approach to design goes beyond the ever-present minimalism,” explains Eva Kozarová, BOMMA Marketing Director. “She understands how to connect different styles and use daring combinations to underline the character of individual products.”

It’s not just BOMMA products on display. The brand has collaborated with a range of design heavyweights to create a curated, cohesive space. Take, for instance, the library where the round and colourful forms of BOMMA’s Pebbles pendants are complemented by Ligne Roset’s Hemicycle sofa in aubergine.

In the office, Jean Prouve armchairs by Vitra are accented with BOMMA’s graphic Pyrite pendant, perhaps playing off the diamond facade motif for which the house is named. Further inside, a sculptural concrete lounge by Gravelli is softened by more traditional wood panelling — and the glow of BOMMA’s Orbital collection.

View of the Diamond House’s original interior, as seen in the 1960s.

At the other side of the showroom, blue is the hue of choice. In the bedroom, the circular brass motifs of BOMMA’s Umbra pendant are mirrored in the tapestry, while bold patterned curtains and an antique sofa carry the same vivid tones into the adjacent lounge, injecting the interior with a dose of vintage glamour.

As for the future? According to BOMMA, it’s a space designed to be “constantly in flux” — the interior will be continuously adapted to showcase (and inspire) new industry trends. The showroom will also double as a recording space for the BOMMA Design Talks podcast, and will host events and lectures for the local design community.

Finally, plans for an international design residency are also underway. Up-and-coming designers will find plenty of inspiration in this unique and evolving interior. It’s a space that draws on the past to create a springboard for lighting the future.

The Vintage-Inspired BOMMA Atelier is Equal Parts Showroom and Design Hub

The Czech crystal lighting brand finds a new home in one of downtown Prague’s most notable historical residences — the Diamond House.

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