Top Picks from Maison&Objet

Top Picks from Maison&Objet

We look at nine of the most exciting accessories and furnishings – including new works from Petite Friture and Verreum – recently unveiled at the Paris design fair.

1 Swell Ceramic by Luca Nichetto for Petite Friture

Named for the shape of a rising wave, Luca Nichetto’s Swell collection of ceramic objects for Petite Friture includes hollow bookends, which feature cork stoppers, for stowing your small valuables; as well as clocks and small trays in grey, taupe and caramel.

2 Lap Shelving by Marina Bautier for Case Furniture

Marina Bautier extends the company’s Lap Shelving line with the addition of a wall unit and a tall unit. The solid oak shelving pieces, which can be combined together, come with powder-coated metal shelves and bins in various depths that can be arranged as needed.

3 Pots by Benjamin Hubert for Menu

A collection of terracotta vessels left raw on the outside, Hubert’s pots are heavily glazed on the inside and topped with soft rubber stoppers. The contrast of modern and ancient materials lend these functional containers an elegant, sculptural quality.

4 Litho by Thibault Desombre for Ligne Roset

French designer Thibault Desombre’s asymmetric desk for Ligne Roset has one drawer, on the left, which can be finished with black varnish or natural oak veneer to match the legs of solid oak. The contrasting right-hand surface comes lacquered in yellow, white, or caramel.

5 Taxido by Carlo Bimbi for Segis

Carlo Bimbi’s Taxido lounge chair for Segis features timelessly clean curves atop a choice of powder-coated or chrome swivel base, slim metal sled base, or even a rocking base of solid beech wood. It can be upholstered in one or two colours of fabric, leather, or faux leather.

6 Riding by Émilie Cazin for Singularité Editions

Inspired by equestrian harnesses, Émilie Cazin’s collection employs nylon and leather straps running through narrow channels to bind solid oak into a coffee table and bench. A third piece in the collection similarly uses straps to hold together two halves of an enamelled ceramic storage bin.

7 Reversed Volumes by Mischer’Traxler for PCM

Made of food-safe, waterproof resin, these vessels by Mischer’Traxler bear the impressions of the fruits and vegetables they can be used to serve. Now in production with PCM, the bowls’ colours are mixed by hand, to allow for slight variation between sets, and then formed with the detailed negative shapes of cauliflowers, eggplants and other edibles.

8 Silenzio by Domenico de Palo for Antonio Lupi

Following up on last year’s geometric Strappo design, Domenico de Palo has created Silenzio, a similarly flush-mounted sink for Antonio Lupi. It appears to pull away from the wall, forming a gap for the washbasin’s opening. Made of Corian, it can be plastered in place and painted over to blend seamlessly into its surroundings.

9 Drop by Arik Levy for Verreum

Arik Levy’s Drop candlesticks and flower pots for Czech manufacturer Verreum look like large droplets of liquid mercury. Verreum’s specialty is silvered glass, a technique that layers a mirrored finish between two walls of glass and is sealed for long-term protection against fading.

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